Non-Americans Describe The Weirdest Things About America

Ah, : the land of the free and the home of the brave….and a bunch of other stuff. We searched the internet to find out what non-Americans were most confused by during their stay in our fine country. As it turns out, we do some pretty weird things. Our everyday lives are filled with things that shock, impress, and downright confuse our fellow man. It has become pretty clear that “America” is not synonymous with “reason”.

"Advertisements for prescription drugs."
Not to mention the lists of possible side effects.
"All the ads for lawyers."
On , billboards, and even park benches!
"Sales tax being added at checkout."
Completely fair.
"Doors on toilet stalls, what is it with all the gaps?"
The better to see you with, my dear… (But why? Here are 9 very good reasons why bathroom stall doors don’t touch the floor.)
"The size of (non alcoholic) drinks.
Thirst: we got it.
"Asking strangers 'How are you?' without expecting an actual answer."
The answer you’re looking for is “fine.” You’re fine.
"How much everything can change from state to state."
Who doesn’t love variety?
"Tipping everyone
That’ll be 20%, please.
"The size of your vehicles."
Everything really is bigger here.
"You really like ..."
 “…like really really really like them.”
"The raptor-sized turkey legs sold at amusement parks."
The bigger, the better!
"You guys drive EVERYWHERE."
Only so we can complain about the traffic.
"Wearing shoes inside."
“I thought it was just a sitcom thing where characters taking shoes off would be a waste of time.”
“…  it’s just silly.”
"Driving above the speed limit, constantly!"
Limit” is American for “challenge.”
"Reciting The Pledge of Allegiance every day in class."
Followed by the Moment of Silence.
"College ."
It’s like quidditch.
"Drive-thru everything!"
Liquor, food, you name it!
"Your lack of inhibitions with strangers."
You’re welcome.
American flags everywhere!
” We got porch flags, roof flags, yard flags, flags to frame and hang on your wall…”
"The water in the toilet is too damn high."
Oh, flush off.
"Flushing dead goldfish."
Water to water, dust to dust.
"That there are a lot of squirrels."
It’s nuts!
"All the wind chimes."
You got a problem with Mother Nature’s ?
"The friendliness of Americans in general."
Aw! Bless your heart!
"Sinks with spinning blades that destroy garbage."
You mean a garbage disposal?
"The size of the country."
” It took me a while before I realized that a person cannot drive from New York City to the Grand Canyon in one day.”
"You actually  out of those red Solo cups."
Chug! Chug! Chug!
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