President Obama's Best One-Liners

Whatever you think about President Barack Obama, many can unite over the fact that he is undeniably sharp-witted. This compilation of the best one-liners from the 44th President of the United States is , entertaining, and maybe even a little educational. Fans of political or Chris Christie’s put-downs will definitely love this Obama one liners list, with its and sometimes roast-style humor.
Obama one-liners range from heckling his own hecklers to Obama on the campaign trail. Obama clever lines never run out (that is, until 2017) and his quick sense of humor and sharp sense of timing often upset his opponents during the campaign season. In fact, some of these quips and funny Obama one liners were made during debates with presidential candidates like Governor Mitt Romney and Senator John McCain, both of whom became victims of the Obama sense of humor and high quality jabs.

“All of you know who I am”
While most politicians would awkwardly fumble if their presidential seal suddenly dropped from the podium, Obama reminded audiences of his sharp wit.
“Ya kinda screwed up my ending but that’s okay”
When Obama got yelled at towards the end of his speech, he politely reprimanded the shouter and got laughs in the process.
“Why don’t you sit down?”
This was Obama’s polite way of telling hecklers to STFU when they protested on behalf of Code Pink about Guantanamo Bay.
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