OK Cupid Profiles From Hell

Online comes with all sorts of pitfalls and OK Cupid profiles deserve to be avoided like the plague. As opposed to weird Tinder profiles that warrant a swipe right, online dating  like the ones seen below require a great deal of scrutiny before you ever think to engage them. Some of these OK Cupid profiles detail body proportions you never thought, nor wanted to know, were possible, while others users appear to forget they’re on a dating app and not Post Secret. An online dating tip: revealing you don’t like black is not an opinion, it’s racism. But alas, the contents of these OK cupid profiles shows people who could not only care less about political correctness but the idea of love itself. You should always live your truth, but don’t act surprised if your truth is something better left to the depths of 4Chan.

Hole No, Man
Fleshing Out Your Profile
Vulva Talk
Ladies Please… One At A Time
Let It Pee
Meanwhile, In Hell
Puff, Puff, Give
A Terrible View
The Reich Stuff
Something Stinks All Right
Poetry In Motion
A Bug’s Life
First First
So Sorry You Were Born In The Wrong World
Road-Killing The Vibe
MILF Hunter
Just The Nip
Price Reduction
A Site To Behold
Going Green
If The Shoe Fits…
No Luck Chuck
Bad Boys Swipe Left
Milking Online Dating for All It’s Worth
Thumbs Down
Fish Out Of Water
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