Passive Aggressive Cakes That Have Had It with You

Let this serve as a warning that several of the deliciously rude cakes you’re about to see are pretty R-rated. But maybe some of these R-rated ideas can get your creative juices flowing if your looking to bake some mean cakes of your own. Maybe one for your little brother, and another for your aunt.
It’s also worth noting that most of these cakes look as delicious as they are .

Rejection Never Tasted So Sweet

When Subtly Just Isn’t Getting the Job Done

Subliminal Messaging = Nailing It

Hint Hint, Jason.

Why Beat Around the Bush, Right?

See Ya

Well That Only Took 18 Years

Could’ve Been Worse

Well, That Person is 6

Hard Truths

Someone Had to Say It

For Busy Moms

A Sincere Threat of Violence

Get Out of Here

You Should Know

At Least

Every Second of Every Day

Ever Notice How Everything Stings Less in Cursive?

Nothing Says “We Care” Like DIY Candles

Great for the In-Laws

Got it, Anthony?

Let’s Hope She Got a Bra

And Eat This Too

All About the Fine Print

Know This


I Dare You to Not

Are Those Balloons or Monsters?

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