People Who Love Things They Don't Understand

These misspellings are so bad that they’re actually quite brilliant, as they prove time and time again that spelling matters. In the following funny captions, posts, and signs you’ll see advocacy go horribly wrong as inspirational messages are botched and bold declarations become epic spelling .

Permission to Nom Granted?

Oh Boy. Here We Go.

Damn, Detective Novels Are Getting More Hardcore by the Minute

Subliminal Messaging = Nailing It.

No, But the Fact That You Can’t Spell Them Really Should

Never Let Your Love for Journalism Distract You from the Little , Like Spelling

What Kind of Lunch Room Are You Running Here?

Aw, Unconditional Love Is the Best

We Beg to Differ

The Court Floor Decor Guy Had One Job…

That Awkward Moment When Not Even Your Beloved Spell Check Can Save You

It’s Hard to Find Inspiration and Excitement When You Can’t Even Spell Them

Let’s Hope He’s an OB-GYN

That’s One Way to Get to Pay Attention

Make Sure You Mind Your Bigass Country House and Say “Thank You”

Wouldn’t Hold You’re Breath On that One.

Pretty Sure You Really Didn’t Mean That

Um, Thanks?

For Marble Maybe, But Never for Granite

Heredity, Hand-Me-Downs, Same Difference, Right?

Not Certain That’s the Moment She Was Goin’ For

Always Spay and Neuter. There Are Plenty of Dreams in Shelters Already.

Just Not Enough to Learn to Spell Them

Living Vicariously Just Got a Lot More

…Not That We Wouldn’t Totally See That…

Hey, That’s What College Is for, Right?

So Good It’s Dangerous

The Two-for-One Criminal Charge Special

Some Things Are Best Kept Between Couples

Sometimes the Best Way to Love Literacy is to Learn It

Nothing Says “Winner” Like a Nice Dose of a Deadly Plague

Willing to Bet “Love of Milk” Won’t Be His Only Issue

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