People Share Their Creepiest Stories That Happened at School

Have you ever walked the hallways of your school at night or sneaked around in an empty classroom and noticed you weren’t alone? While this may sound like the plot of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode, truly supernatural or downright disturbing have happened to -life as well. Violent students, freaky accidents, and frightful ghosts have all made students and faculty alike think twice about wandering around their campuses. 
Here is a list of the creepiest and most disturbing stories that happened to people at school, shared by a handful of Reddit users. Whether the scary event happened in the gym or in a long, empty hallway, these creepy school prove that even campuses aren’t safe from the most terrifying of experiences.

A Noisy Ghosts Disrupts the Library at Night
“My school’s library is open until around 2 in the morning for the idiots like me who don’t do their essays until the last minute. It’s a pretty small building, and most of the books are in the basement area called the “Stacks.” Just to give you a quick layout, there’s the big main stairs that go down to the Stacks, a vending machine room, and the long hallway with four entrances into the Stacks. The Stacks are two really big rooms on opposite sides of the hallway with a huge amount of bookshelves and study desks lining the walls.
I was there around 11 pm last year. It was a pretty research intensive essay, so I was down in the Stacks working in one of the study desks, so I didn’t have to keep going upstairs and downstairs again. I had been there for maybe two hours, and everyone except for a boy working a few desks down from me had left already.
I was pretty zoned out by this point; it was an 8 am class, so I didn’t have much time until it was due, and I was sort of panicking, so it really pissed me off when I heard someone flipping through book pages really fast to make them do that loud whir noise at the other end of the room. I sort of ignored it for a while thinking they’d go away eventually, but they just kept doing it.
After about five minutes, I got sick of it and started to walk over to tell them to knock it off. I get about three steps across the room, and it just stopped. I sat back down, and it was quiet again for like 10 more minutes before the flipping pages noise started again, only loads louder, like they’d grabbed a huge book that time.
The boy started to get pissed off too, and he stood up and started walking through the bookshelves trying to find them. It keeps going, so I got up too and started looking around with him.
It got really loud, and it was pretty obvious where it was coming from by that point, so we started walking towards it – he was on one side of the shelves, and I was on the other. We walked all the way down the shelves. No one there. We hadn’t seen anyone come in the stacks, and we were on the side of the room with the entrances – no way could anyone have come in without us seeing them.
The noise stopped again, and we both just sort of slowly walked back to our seats, I assumed it was just a fan or something in the other room, and I really needed to get my essay done.
We sat down and immediately the noise started again – it sounded like it was coming from right next to the guy’s chair. He shoved his stuff in his bag, looked at me, said, “F*ck this,” and took off – I was out of there maybe five seconds behind him.
I still won’t go back in the Stacks at night, even when there’s other people down there. No essay’s worth getting murdered by a weird book ghost.”
Gideon Wants You to Know He’s There
“This past year in college, we had a ghost named “Gideon” living in our dorm who has followed my roommate from place to place or so he claims (he dubbed the ghost “Gideon”). He would hear his name, have his bed being shaken in the middle of the night, stuff like that. He wasn’t the only one to experience it. As the school year went on, Gideon began to get comfortable with all of us, and activity began to become frequent.
When alone, I’ve heard faucets running, so I looked about and found nobody to be in the dorm-apartment. I’ve heard knocking on my door, and when I opened it, nobody would be there (I’d hear knocking on my door, quick little raps of about three to five knocks every time I’m alone in the dorm-apartment with my bedroom door closed).
Every once in a while, late in the night, I’ll hear a loud slap on my door or on my wall. I have a metal water bottle I keep on my windowsill, and one night it sounded as though someone was just picking it up and setting it down softly, just enough so there would be a metallic clinking on the sill (which happened to be made of concrete or something).
I heard a noise as though something had fallen off of my desk. When I woke up, my ChapStick was on the floor beside my bed, which had originally been standing up in the middle of my desk. I heard it drop to the floor the night before, but my windows were closed and my fan was off, so I don’t know how it could have gotten there. Something handed my pillow to me. I woke up sometime in the night to find it wasn’t on the bed, reached out groggily, and it was suddenly in my hand.
Something had tried unlocking my roommate’s door from the outside (he found little scratches from where the door meets the frame, and the catch on the door was scratched as well). I had a guest spending the night, and they saw some strange shadow moving on my ceiling; we tried to recreate the shadow, but couldn’t. The shades were down, so there wasn’t too much light coming in.
My roommate was alone and saw somebody out of the corner of his eye walk past his room; it doesn’t sound weird, but the figure was walking towards the wall that’s just windows, and there’s nothing there other than a couch. When he left his room to see who it was, there was nobody there, and nobody could have gone anywhere being that we were on the fifth floor.  One afternoon, my other roommate, the one who brought Gideon with him, of course, saw a shadow figure walk into one of the bathrooms.
One night, I experienced a loud knock on my door. I said, “Yeah?” got up and opened my door – there was, of course, nobody there, and at the same time as I opened my door, my roommate across from me opened his door claiming somebody knocked on his door. He thought it was me; I thought it was him – we had our doors knocked on at the exact same time.
I never felt Gideon was a bad presence, just kind of there and doing his thing. There was never anything bad that happened to any of us having him there, other than an eerie feeling being alone in the place, as though you weren’t entirely alone.”
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There Is Something Seriously Wrong with the Child
“My pregnant sister-in-law works with a child who is pretty crazy. He doesn’t take his meds some days, and he will often draw pictures of killing things and blood everywhere. Sometimes he’ll tell the teachers, “This is you and there is blood everywhere! Hahaha!”
The other day she was helping him and he was frustrated, so he stabbed her with a pencil. And then right after that, he went to hit her stomach; she deflected the hit and said, “You can’t hit! Especially my stomach. Do you know why?”
And the freaking kid goes, “Yeah, ‘cuz you have a baby in there. I hope it DIES.”
This kid is in first grade.”
Curiosity Killed the Rabbit
“A grade one student said he had killed two bunnies and some birds. He wrote about it in his journal and drew a picture. Sure enough, the carcasses were found in the playground that recess.
When we asked him why he did it, he said he wanted to know what it would feel like to kill something.”
To Create Ultimate Sorrow
“Oh dear, where to begin? Here’s one that comes to mind…
Kindergarten girl had a pair of scissors. I turned just in time to see her reach over and try to cut off another girl’s ponytail. Not a major thing (because no cutting actually happened), but when I asked her why she was going to do that (because they normally got along very well) she said (in a simple, very straight-forward tone of voice), “Because her hair is what she loves the most.”
Sent chills up my spine.”
He Harbors Such Hate in His Heart
“I’m not a teacher myself, but my best friend works as a teaching assistant in a small primary school.
She used to tell me about a little boy who would constantly give “death stares” to teachers and would generally refuse to interact with other children. My friend absolutely loves , but even she admitted she had never seen a child look so angry all of the time, like he hated the world even though he was so young. He would face the wall during class time and repeatedly bash his head against the wall until staff intervened. He started biting a lot of the children and was told off for doing so in the dining hall one day. He then jabbed the dinner lady in the arm with his fork so hard that it drew blood.
In my friend’s classroom, they had a small incubator with little chicks that the children would help to look after and watch as they grew up. At one point, he was left unattended and managed to squeeze one of the poor chicks to death. I don’t know what ever happened with him because my friend got a job at another school, but the story has always stuck in my mind.
The way she described him genuinely gave me chills.”
It Attached Itself to Her Roommate
“I had a randomly assigned roommate in college who was a very sweet, religious girl. She kept to herself mostly, but she was always really kind and polite. This was the first year I didn’t seem to have a b*tchy roommate, so I was excited to get along with her.
About two nights after we get moved in, I wake up to hear someone sobbing softly outside my bedroom door. It was a really weird sound – this kind of desperate, creaky sobbing – and I was so f*cking scared at first because it sounded like the sh*t you hear in horror (or like The Witch, if you’ve played Left 4 Dead). I heard someone moving around the apartment and occasionally coming back to my door, scratching on it softly, so I finally summoned the courage to peek out of my bedroom.
My roommate was just walking around the apartment, crying. She was sleepwalking apparently, because her eyes were closed, but when I opened the door her head turned to look right at me. Then, she slowly went to the kitchen table, picked up a pencil, and started to scrawl this weird symbol on her door. It looked like a circle with a triangle in it. I asked her if she was okay, and she just stood there, swaying and crying, and I was basically just like “nope” and locked the door.
The next morning, she was really scared and mad at me because this demon symbol had appeared on her door, and she thought I had done it to prank her. She didn’t believe me when I told her she was the one who did it, but accepted my denials that I did it, and we dropped it…
Several times throughout the year, I’d wake up in the middle of the night to her in the kitchen, talking to herself. Every time, she would come to scratch softly on my door, and every morning, there would be another symbol on her door; she was still convinced it was me f*cking with her. I considered filming her, but honestly I was REALLY scared of opening the door because I watch too many scary movies about demons and sh*t.
Then one time, we were in our separate dorm rooms when there was a huge BANG! from her bathroom. There was obviously no one else in the dorm, so we were both really freaked out, but we decided to investigate. We looked everywhere and nothing had fallen down, and there were no windows or other doors to the bathroom other than the one leading to our living room. We pulled back the shower curtain, and there was a huge arc of blood on the wall. She went pale, but had no explanation for this.
Later that night, while I was studying in total silence, she rushed into my room and demanded to know what I had said. I asked her what she was talking about, and she said she was in the bathroom and heard me “talking to her” like I was “whispering something through the wall.” Nope.
After that, whenever she was gone for the weekend, I always heard weird noises coming from her side of the dorm suite in the middle of the night. Nope, nope, nope.
She moved out at the end of the year, and that was that, but I’ve always wondered what the f*ck that was all about…”
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A Minor Disturbance
“When I was young, my grandma gave me this Vietnamese “good luck charm” that basically looked like a bunch of old Asian coins strung on a red thread. She told me that it was a charm to ward away bad luck and stop evil spirits from entering my room while I slept. I didn’t really believe in that, but I hung it on my bedroom door as a child anyway, and later brought it with me to college, along with a bunch of other sentimental decorations.
Every night that year, and for that year only (even though I lived in the same room the next year), that good luck charm would always slowly slide off the door handle at around 3 AM, every night. Sometimes, I wouldn’t stay up that late and would only find it lying on the ground the next morning. I didn’t think anything of it when that happened, but other times I would just be working late at night and out of the corner of my eye, I would see that charm slowly slide off the door and fall. Always happened around 3 AM, whether or not my roommate was sleepwalking.
Eventually, I just took the charm off and put it on my desk.”
The Indescribable Scream
“I’m gonna preface this by saying I went to boarding school for six years. This boarding school was in the middle of a one-stoplight town and on a hill 800 feet up. The school used to be an old monastery. It was hundreds of years old and huge with four stories, including a basement where there was a boiler room and long hallways.
Not all of these stories happened to myself, but the people who told me them were reliable enough to believe. Also, the school didn’t want us telling stories to other people because they were afraid that it would make them not want to go to the school due to it being haunted.
The first one happened to me. I used to be in charge of cleaning the gymnasium at night. Every student had a job that they had to do either at night or in the morning to help take care of the school. It taught you some practical things and all.
Anyway, I was there by myself that night getting ready to start sweeping the gym. The gym had two floors to it. The upstairs part was the weightlifting area, and you could see it fully from the bottom part of the gym where the basketball court was. As I stepped into the gym, one of the basketballs starts rolling a bit. I look around to see if any doors are open – none are. I chalk it up to randomness, but see that it is continuing to roll. As I watch it, it makes a full circle around the entire gym and stops right next to my feet.
At this point, I’m a bit scared, but figured it was nothing. I heard a creaking coming from the second floor and look up. There is a girl there, just staring right at me. As soon as I made direct eye contact with her, she bolts to the stairs that would take her too me. She let out a scream that I cannot describe. I was terrified and froze in place. Thankfully, she didn’t come to me, but took a left and bolted through the main doors of the gym. They didn’t open – she just went right through them.
I noped the hell out of there.”
The Ole Eyeball in the Mouth Gag
“There was a kid a couple years older than me in elementary school named Joey. Joey had a glass eyedue to the fact that he ran with scissors. Yes, this kid was actually running with scissors, tripped, fell, and poked his eyeball out.
Anyway, sometimes Joey would take his fake eyeball out and put it in his mouth without letting anyone notice, and then walk up to you and open his mouth to reveal an eyeball on his tongue.”
A Girl in White Has a Song in Her Heart
“There was a chapel that was in the middle of the school. This is a non-religious school, so we used it for musical performances and all that sort of stuff. I was in choir for the years that I was there, so I was very used to performing in it.
There was stained glass on all of the windows and such. Every time you walked in there, it always felt as if someone was watching you. It wasn’t only me, but there were multiple people who felt that way.
There was a big grand piano that was on the opposite side of where you walked in; that was our stage. People would go in there at night, and practice on it or just play for fun. Most people would just go in there and only turn on the stage lights and leave the rest off while they were practicing.
This story isn’t something that I witnessed, but a friend of mine.
She was playing on the piano by herself and just having fun practicing. While in the middle of a song, the keys next to her start going up and down as if trying to add another part to her song. She jokingly said, “Hey, stop. That doesn’t go with what I am doing.”
She immediately felt as if someone has boxed her ears, and she became really dizzy. She freaked out and bolted out of there. She came crying down to the area where all of the students hung out on their free time. She told me and a few friends the story; it took quite a while to get her to calm down.
Many people have seen a girl in a white constantly roaming that area.”
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The Cruel Prankster
“…[A] job I had around the school was preparing the salad bar we had for lunch and dinner. To do this, I would have to get out everything we would need for the day from the basement in the giant freezer we had down there. I would then have to wash it and cut / peel everything.
I was one of the first people up every morning to do this job. I would get up at about 6:00AM to do this everyday…
I got up at about six. As soon as I woke up, I was feeling uneasy.
I quickly took my shower and got dressed so I could get to the lunchroom at about 6:30.
The person in charge of the kitchen was already up and getting everything warmed up. I said hello and checked out what we would need. I made a list and headed down.
Now that feeling of uneasiness was there the whole time – through my whole shower, walking the dark hallways in the morning, and even when I got to the kitchen.
I opened the freezer and felt the cold blast of air. Needless to say, I could have cut diamonds with how cold it was.
I stepped inside and started getting vegetables. As I was reaching for one, I heard a giggle. This wasn’t a normal one, but like a small child’s giggle. I instantly froze and whipped around. No one. I brushed it off and continued. Another giggle.
I was like no f*cking way. This is not happening to me. Flick – lights go off in the freezer. I still had a bit of light because I left the door open. I start seeing the door close, and it locks from the outside. I bolt for the door because I knew I would be locked in there for at least 15 minutes with the lights off if I didn’t.
I caught it right before it closed. Again, I hear the giggle; this time, it was right behind me. I screamed – I was 17 and screamed like a girl.
I ran upstairs, told the guy I wasn’t feeling well, and went and hid in my room until everyone else got up that morning.”
The Outcasted Child
“I used to work for my , who was partially self-employed doing regular maintenance and floor refinishing for a child care program called Head Start. The one center was in an old school, which was built not too long after the turn of the century, and it served as a church functions building in addition to housing Head Start and another child care.
We always did floors over the summer. Anyone who has stripped and waxed floors knows that when you’re putting the coating back on, it’s quiet and relaxing. We were the only people in the building since it was a midsummer weekend, and yet it felt off, even before you enter, like someone was watching from the second-floor windows. So here we are, making slow progress across this huge room, when we hear a sound upstairs and stop. Then, it sounded like someone was skipping across the room and back, a few times, and stopped again.
So, we finished the layer and went upstairs. Nobody was up there, so we closed the doors and went downstairs to start the other room. Once again, this sound started, but this time I sprinted upstairs. The sound stopped before I reached the hall, but all of the doors were open at various angles.
We didn’t hear the sound any more that summer, but my dad asked the child care adviser from the other end of the building if they heard weird noises. She said no, but that one day, they were sitting down for snacks and a couple kids were staring in the corner. The aide asked them what they were looking at, and one of the kids asks, “Why can’t that girl eat with us?” The aide looked sound, then asked, “What girl?” And the kid points at the corner and says, “The little girl in the white dress.”
I literally haven’t set foot in that building since, and I have no desire to do so. I used to think ghosts were for scary stories, but I have trouble believing this isn’t real.”
Ted Bundy: The Early Years
“Kieran was that [weird] kid in my middle school. It was about the time where everyone was discovering their raging hormones, and sexual humor was becoming an everyday thing for us. He took it too far, however, and was forever talking about sex and wishing he could f*ck everything that moved.
He even confessed that he fantasized about rape because “she’d enjoy it too, even if she pretended not to.” Creepy, creepy kid.
Well, one day, Kieran wasn’t in class for three days in a row, so we all started to wonder what happened to him. It turns out he had been masturbating under a table to dirty drawings he had done when he got caught and was sent to the principal’s office.
On the way there, he saw a younger girl walking back from the bathroom and forced her to follow him into the boy’s room where he tried to rape her. Fortunately for her, an older kid was using the stall next to theirs and stopped everything by screaming for the security guys and teachers.
Last I heard, Kieran’s doing hard time for a long list of violent and sexual crimes.”
A High School Gets Mr. Ripley-ed
“My high school got a foreign exchange student from Romania. He seemed like a normal foreign exchange student, not weird. Well, this particular Romanian got caught in some credit card scandal in my town and surrounding areas. It turns out this guy was not who he said he was. This guy murdered the kid that was supposed to come to the U.S., stole his identity, and came over as that person. This guy happened to be 25 posing as a 17-year-old.
Needless to say, the school put the foreign exchange program on hiatus for about three years.”