27 People Who Are Ready for 4/20

Are you one of the many fun loving folks out there for whom April has a little less to do with taxes or even and a little more to do with celebrating the most sacred day of the year for all of stoner kind? That’s right, each and every year on 4/20 the world at large seems to stop, take a deep breath (hold it for about 5 seconds), and exhale into a much calmer, collective smile. In the following 420 , status updates, and posts you’ll meet a group of folks who know it’s never too early to start preparing for the literal high point of the year.
Whether you’re an occasional smoker or a full time professional, you’ll find examples below of what it means to join the ranks of truly dedicated 4/20 celebrants around the world. Here you’ll meet a group of world class smokers, many of whom are so dedicated to achieving the perfect high on 4/20 that they don’t let a day go by throughout the rest of the year without taking a moment to practice. 
Don’t Let Lack of Preparation Happen to You
The Folks at Totinos Urge You to Plan Ahead
4/20: Like for Taco Bells Everywhere
This Colorado Highway Finally Got One Step Ahead
….Oh, Wow. Awkward.
Behold this Martyr for the Cause
Best. Domino’s Pizza Deal. EVER.
These Brilliantly Priced Doritos- Coincidence? We Think Not.
Well it Never Hurts to be Prepared Right
Just Sayin….
….If Only they Could Remember what Exactly They were Advocating For…
This Clueless but Thankful Chinese Restaurant is 4/20’s Biggest Accidental Fan
Jesus’ Hippie Look: Not Necessarily the Coincidence You Assumed
This Patron Saint of 4/20 Shall Ever Smile Down Upon You
of Greens
….Probably Best Not to Argue.
The Guy at this Sandwich Toaster is Picking Up what this Chick’s Puttin’ Down
This Stealthy Little Dude Totally Feels a Stomach Ache Coming On
This Guy Can’t Even F—in’ Wait for 2020 Right Now
When Being an Underachiever Comes in Handy
Making Up for Lost Time= Nailing It
Smoker Practices for 4/20 Year Round
Party in da Shire Bitchez!
This Poor Math Learning Bastard Who Recalls Memories of Happier Times
War Breaks Out On 4/20: Said No Headline Ever
Remember in when You Used to Ask when You’d Ever Use Math in the World?
You Know Snoop Clause Don’t Need Reindeer to Fly
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