People Who Quit Their Jobs in the Best Way Possible

A list of some of the most memorable ways employees have ever quit their jobs. Have you ever spent a bad day at work fantasizing of all the clever, confrontational, and classic ways to say “take this job and shove it?” Have you ever daydreamed about the look on your boss’s face if only you could deliver the quitting speech of your dreams? Well get ready to live vicariously through a group of folks who actually did what most disgruntled workers only dream of.
Whether they spelled it out in an incendiary public announcement or hired a full band to accompany their speech, each of these employees reached their breaking point and embraced it. We’ve got resignation letters written on , farewells built into games, and even musical performances by folks who said farewell with flair. Not every ex-employee you’ll see here was so polite however, so beware the occasional F-bomb or naked goodbye as you wade through these remarkable examples of bridge-burning.

Living up to Inconsistency
Though their name’s been redacted, this anonymous employee lives on as a hero to disgruntled employees everywhere. After receiving what they felt was unfair feedback, this person decided to give their boss a little feedback of their own.
The postscript is especially priceless, as the rest of the letter’s subtext finally just becomes text.
When is a BRB Sign Not a BRB Sign?
As you can see from the sign they left behind, this was not the day to mess with this employee. Unfortunately, the corners their boss attempted to cut do not appear to have been worth it. Let this be a lesson to frugal owners everywhere.
This Tech Guy Showed His Bosses the Error of Their Ways
Though unidentified, the tech guy who created this error will doubtless go down in history for his epic resignation. After finally decided he’d had enough, the witty web designer put his skills to good use, even giving his employers a tongue in cheek second chance with a “renegotiate” button.
Literally the Sweetest Resignation Letter Ever
Chris Holmes may have written the tastiest resignation letter of all time when he quit his job as a border agent at Stansted Airport to pursue his dream job of owning a bakery. The aspiring baker delivered the tasteful and tasty treat to management, who then quite possibly became the only bosses in the world to respond to a resignation letter by eating it.
Behold! Karma at Its Finest
Sometimes a boss who abuses their power actually gets what’s coming to them. The three employees who wrote this had enough and decided to give karma a little shove in the right direction, apparently closing up shop in the middle of the day.
Declaring Independence from Taco Bell
Former Taco Bell Shift Leader Adam was upset to learn that, despite working for 22 days straight, his request for time off on the 4th of July had been denied. Determined to celebrate ’s independence with some fireworks of his own, however, he channeled his frustration into this public declaration worthy of history.
Punctuality: Not Just For Employees Anymore
As you can see from the note displayed on the store’s front door, Joe had simply had enough of following rules that the boss didn’t think went both ways. The “Help Wanted” sign adds some nice context.
Best of all, Joe’s hastily written note was the gift that kept on giving: the later the boss was, the more people learned exactly why the doors were locked.
The Chipotle Revolt
In September of 2014, the staff of a Pennsylvania Chipotle was pushed to the point of revolt by what they called a “borderline sweatshop” environment. The employees later cited conditions that included 11-hour shifts with no breaks or opportunities to eat lunch or dinner.
Chipotle responded by sending a corporate manager to talk to the vexed crew about exactly what had gone wrong at the location.
The Icing on the Cake
If it’s going to be profane, it might as well be delicious. It seems this disgruntled Baskin-Robbins employee had iced their last cake. While the execution may not have been tactful, you have to admit, it’s rare to see an expletive-laden resignation that is also a tasty dessert.
You Can Change Your Own Signs From Now On
Similar to the Taco Bell resignation, but even a bit more indignant, this employee felt the need to not only declare their bitterness through the business’s light-up sign, but also stuck the surprise a little bit further by telling his boss to write his own damn signs.
A Prehistoric Goodbye
Sometimes the best way to quit a job you hate is by giving your former employers a parting gift along with your resignation letter. This employee decided his farewell gift would be a drawing of a dinosaur, which also acted as his two weeks notice.
A Playable Resignation Letter
When developer Jarrad Farbs decided to quit his job at a major Australian video company to pursue independent development full time, he found an adorable way to break the news to his co-workers. Rather than a cold resignation letter, he developed a short Mario Brothers Flash game which broke the news along Mario’s journey.
At its conclusion, the game read, “You gave me a paycheck, an incredible project, and a world-class team to learn from. But my princess is in another castle.”
A Goldman Sachs Executive Quit with the World’s Most Public Resignation Letter
In March of 2012, Goldman Sachs Employee Greg Smith not only informed his bosses he’d be resigning, he shared the news with the world. In a New York Times Op-Ed, Smith revealed his disgust with the company for creating an environment that put profit above people, even their own customers. Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and COO Gary Cohn responded with an internal memo which was eventually printed in WSJ‘s “Deal Journal.”
An Ode to Borders Books
You know all those angry you think at work but never say? Well, when the employees of one Borders location found out that the store would soon be closing, they figured they might as well earn their unemployment. They concocted and posted “Ode to a Book Store Death,” an indignant list of complaints about customers that almost immediately became a wish fulfillment classic for frustrated retail employees the world over.
To the High Seas!
This resignation email is pretty standard to begin with, that is, until it takes a quick left turn when the employee announces he’s decided to fulfill his dreams of being a high seas pirate, and that he will be accepting applications for his First Mate soon. Confused? A little bit. But still very much impressed.
A Poetic Farewell
Jonathan Schwartz, the former CEO of Sun Microsystems, decided to announce his departure from the company in a very public and poetic way, by not only resigning on Twitter, but also by doing it with a haiku. Nothing wrong with adding a touch of sarcastic class every now and then.
Read My Cheez Whiz
Fed up with his position as a clerk at a Seattle grocery store, an unnamed employee reportedly showed up on the scene one day to drunkenly announce his resignation. Apparently he was in no state to actually type up his resignation letter, so he proceeded to do the next best thing and write out “I quit” on a store window using Cheez Whiz.
Best Driveway Chalk Ever
This message left scrawled on someone’s driveway was written by a landscaper who had grown a little tired of cleaning up their weeds.
The Chicken King Takes What’s His
When this Florida Burger King employee quit his job, he took more than just his final paycheck. The man, who’s Twitter handle is @zealot, also took every last chicken nugget the fast food joint had in the freezer. He tweeted a of his loot with the caption, “TODAY WAS MY LAST DAY WORKING AT BURGER KING SO I TOOK ALL OF THEIR NUGGETS, F*** IT.” Fans dubbed him the Chicken King, and helped the tweet go (it has since been removed). Here’s hoping he got to keep those nuggets.
Riding a Rainbow Vaccum Outta There
Tom “T-Bone” Amellino left his job in the most optimistic way possible – by riding out on a rainbow shooting vacuum. Smell ‘ya later dead-end job, I’ll see you at the end of the rainbow!
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