Pets Who Have Never Heard of Privacy

Here you’ll find pets in bathrooms and other private places, ramping up the awkward as only pets can. Don’t have a four-legged friend of your own? You’ve come to the right place to experience the daily joys of pet ownership, including pet classics like the “awkward toilet stare” and the “surprise shower visit.” You’ll get to share in the magic of desperate paws shooting under the door as you attempt to pee and the adorable antics of kittens ready to turns their owner’s shorts into awkwardly-timed hideouts. 
So get ready to grin at the adorably hysterical antics of pets who don’t care at all about your privacy. Upvote the most adorable pets who won’t leave you alone!

“No Problem. You Enjoy Alone Time With Girlfriend. I’ll Just Wait Here.”

“Oh Sorry, I Thought This Was My Ride.”

“Hey. Whatcha Doin’?”

“What? I Thought It Was a Special Bathroom Hammock.”

“…. But I Got Lonely.”

“Seriously. Our Dish Isn’t Gonna Fill Itself.”

“Sorry, My Ex Is on the Prowl and Any Movement Could Compromise Me.”

He Just Misses You

“Mom, Seriously! I Just Need to Get My Toothbrush!”

“Abort, Abort, My Cover’s Blown!”

Always Waiting to Lend You a Hand. Always.

“What Do You Mean Move? I Just Got Settled.”

“Dude! Watch This, Dude. Sink Stand!”

“Don’t Worry, I’m So Consumed With My Reflection I Didn’t Even Notice You.”

“Dude….You Might Wanna Get That Looked Checked.”

“Oh Hey, Can You Come Back in About an Hour? I’m Expecting Someone.”

“Oh Hey. I’ll Be Out as Soon as We’re Out of Hot Water.”

“Don’t Mind Me. I Was Just… Looking for My Contact.”

“Don’t Panic! You Must’ve Accidentally Locked Us Out, but We Can Hear Everything!

“Not so Fast! I’m Just Getting Started with My Shower Helmet Presentation.”

“Sorry. I Thought It Was a Really Skinny Leash.”

“Don’t Worry, I Think I Can Dig My Way Under.”

“Come on in! The More the Merrier!”

“No, Please. Don’t Let Us Interupt, Just Ignore Us.”

“Oh Hey. Just Chillin’.”

“It Was the Cat.”

“You Want to Do WHAT in My Water Bowl?”

“Ah! Your Bathtub Friends are Hostile!”

“Sorry, Petey Already Called Next Turn.”

Not Only Does He See You, He Mocks You When You Leave.

“So You’e the Guy Who Kept Company With My Fur-Mom Last Night, Huh?”

Fatherhood Pauses for Nothing

“Oh Sorry, Bro. This Your Spot?”

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