This Pregnant Belly Art Is Honestly Pretty Freakin' Scary

deserves celebration, and mothers everywhere deserve the right to celebrate their soon-to-be pride and joys in any way they wish, including pregnant belly . That being said, a painted pregnant belly enters a bit of iffy territory, considering beneath the canvas lies another human life form. If you believe impacts a fetus’s development, you best believe the art surrounding their chambers holds some power over it. Beyoncé, queen that she is, managed to pull off her tummy art with a simple yet elegant henna pattern, a standard the rest of the world needs to follow. Because when you start sporting a creepy or uncomfortable painted stomach, start to wonder if you’re expecting an infant or The Omen.
The mommies below take the pregnant belly to whole new levels of weirdness, like a creepy pregnancy announcement that lands too close to home, your baby’s, that is. Maybe next time rejoice in motherhood with a weird pregnancy cake instead; the sugar helps the go down a little easier. Everyone can tell you’re having a baby, why also tell them you have no self-awareness?

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