15 TMI Pregnant Sex Facts You've Been Too Afraid To Ask

There are a lot of you can’t do while pregnant. No drinking alcohol, no smoking cigarettes, no riding roller coasters, and no practicing mixed martial arts. But there is one thing you can definitely do during those nine months. For those wondering if can you have while pregnant, the answer is yes. In general, sex during isn’t harmful or that different, and can actually be beneficial to the mother. Still, there are some instances where sex during pregnancy can be really weird, or even dangerous.
As far as pregnancy sex goes, most of it works the same way. Tab A goes into Slot B, and both partners can enjoy it. Of course, sometimes things get a little gross, and sometimes you have to use different positions or restrict what activities you do. And occasionally, what goes on during the act is not at all what you might expect.
For those of you cringing right now, be warned: this list will contain graphic descriptions of sex and bodily functions. For those of you who are fascinated by pregnant sex, get ready, because things are about to get weird.

Going Down On A Pregnant Woman Could Kill Her
Going down on a woman is generally safe, even if they are pregnant, but if you do, never blow into the vagina. It’s not fun for the woman whether she’s pregnant or not, but more importantly, it can be downright dangerous. That air can form an embolism that blocks a blood vessel. This can be harmful or deadly to the baby, or even the mother, and can cause strokes. This scenario is rare, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.
Your Baby Can Hear You Orgasm
Yes, your baby can hear you having sex. A baby’s sound of hearing develops around week eighteen of a pregnancy, meaning it can hear the sounds of your heart beat, your voice, and the outside world. By week twenty-five, it may even start responding to the sounds it hears. So, all those moans, screams, grunts, and whatever other sounds you make during sex will, in fact, be audible to your unborn child.
Pregnant Women Are At A Higher Risk For STIs
It’s never a good idea to have unprotected sex, but it can be particularly risky when you’re pregnant. Pregnancy means that more blood is pushed to your vagina, which makes it swollen and tighter. This means that tearing is more likely, and that blood-borne pathogens can get into your bloodstream more frequently. Even practicing oral sex with someone infected with herpes can spread the disease to a pregnant woman’s genitals.
On top of that, you can actually pass STIs to your baby if you have unprotected sex with someone who is infected. The diseases can get into the amniotic fluid and eventually to the baby, which will then be born with it.
Orgasms Are Better When You’re Pregnant
Even though pregnancy sex may seem a little gross to some people, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its perks. Blood flow is increased to the pelvic region during pregnancy, and that also increases sensitivity. As it turns out, with that increased sensitivity comes super intense orgasms. And if your partner isn’t willing to help you out, don’t worry, masturbating can give similar levels of pleasure.
Anal Sex Can Kill You Or Your Baby
Having anal sex during pregnancy presents enough risk factors that it can actually be dangerous in some cases. For example, hemorrhoids are more frequent for pregnant women, and that can lead to increased bleeding that can endanger both mother and baby.
On top of that, going from anal to vaginal sex while pregnant is incredibly risky. Harmful bacteria can be transferred into a woman’s vagina that way, potentially causing a harmful infection. This is problematic even for non-pregnant women, too.
The Second Trimester Will Make You Horny
Being pregnant doesn’t exactly sound like a sexy time, what with the morning sickness, swelling feet, and exhaustion. Despite all this, many pregnant women actually report an increased sex drive rather than a decreased one, especially during the second trimester. Fluctuations in hormones mean your breasts are larger and more sensitive, and you’ll feel a greater need for physical intimacy. This often translates to one horny mom-to-be!
If You Have Sex Late in Pregnancy, Your Baby Can Feel It
Don’t panic – you’re not going to be “poking” the baby. There are a whole cervix and an amniotic sac of fluid between you and the child. Your baby can, however, feel the vibrations and muscle reactions to sexual intercourse. The fetus can feel the jostling vigorous sex can cause, and as a pregnant woman engages in intercourse, the muscles in her abdomen can contract and even cramp up. In later pregnancy, such as the third trimester, the baby will be able to feel this happening around it, though it won’t hurt the child.
Swallowing Sperm May Lower the Risk of Preeclampsia
Even if you’re not having vaginal sex during your pregnancy, oral sex can have its upsides as well. Swallowing semen may actually decrease your risk of experiencing preeclampsia during pregnancy, possibly because it exposes the fetus to paternal molecules. Preeclampsia is high blood pressure in the mother that can cause organ damage, particularly on the kidneys. It can also lead to early labor and complications with pregnancy. Oral sex is one sexual act that can help not only you and your partner, but your baby too.
Sex Can Get Your Baby Moving
So, maybe you’d just prefer to use sex toys during pregnancy. While they aren’t generally harmful, they can have a rather unexpected effect on the unborn baby. Late in pregnancy, the baby will be able to feel the woman’s muscle spasms, as well as the vibrations of the toy, and the baby may be excited by this. Their heart rate will rise, they’ll move around more, and they may kick or fidget. But don’t be worried – these are all signs that your baby is healthy.
You May Either Get Super Wet Or Super Dry
Your body chemistry changes a lot during pregnancy, and parts of you may not behave the way they used to – namely, your vagina. While a woman is pregnant, estrogen and progesterone levels rise pretty sharply, and it is these two chemicals that keep your vagina lubricated and elastic. As these fluctuate, especially during the first and third trimester, you may notice the level of lubrication and tightness changes as well. You may get very dry constantly, or you may find you’re wetter than usual. Both situations may effect how you have sex.
Weird Sex Positions May Be Easier Than Missionary
Missionary is generally a pretty comfortable sexual position for women – unless they’re pregnant. Then, it can be hard on a pregnant woman’s back, and men can find it uncomfortable angle-wise as well. In other words, pregnancy sex means you’ve got to get creative. Woman on top and doggie-style sex may work better logistically with a growing belly, and spooning or sex with the woman on her side may be far easier on the back.
Your Breasts Might Spray During Sex
Pregnant women’s breasts grow a lot. Women may even experience two cup sizes worth of growth by the end of the third trimester. The reason they’re getting so big is that they’re producing milk to nourish the oncoming baby. This also means that they can leak, especially during sex.
Pregnant women have reported that, during sex, their breasts may not just leak a few drops of milk, but actually spray the stuff. Oxytocin is a hormone released during orgasm, but that’s also the chemical that’s in charge of your breasts releasing milk. So, as a woman orgasms, her body tells her it’s time to eject milk.
If You’re Carrying , Sex Might Not Be Safe
In general, having sex while pregnant is completely harmless to your baby, but there are a few factors that put you at higher risk for an incident. If you’ve had miscarriages before, if you have anemia or clotting disorders, and if you have a baby with risky health conditions, your may ask that you completely abstain from sex.
One other factor is if you are going to have multiple babies, which makes you an at-risk pregnancy. If you have twins, triplets, or more, sex can possibly bring on preeclampsia or cause a miscarriage (though it probably won’t cause early labor). While these events are rare, you should ask your doctor before having sex if you’re carrying more than one baby.
If You’re Ready for Labor, Sex Could Help You Get There
If your baby simply isn’t willing to come out, it can be uncomfortable and very frustrating. To help the process along, you can try eating spicy foods, doing yoga… or having intercourse. There’s no direct scientific proof that sex brings on labor, but there is some logic to back it up. Orgasm causes muscle contractions that could help set off labor, and semen contains prostaglandin, which can stimulate the cervix.
If you’re worried about sex causing early labor, don’t worry. Ask your doctor to be safe, but unless you’re at risk, it probably won’t have any effect on your due date at all.
Pregnancy Porn Is Absolutely A Thing
Despite how sexy (or not) a pregnant woman may feel, many men do not find pregnant women gross. In fact, for some, it’s a turn on. There are websites surrounding pregnancy fetishism, and yes, even pornography specifically featuring pregnancy.
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