Proof the Illuminati Exists

non-believers love to cite the lack of compelling evidence that proves the Cabal actually exists. On the surface, it seems almost every facet of the proposed Judeo-Masonic-Communist-Satanist-Government Conspiracy can be falsified, and has little proof to support it. But what if there was solid proof of Illuminati existence, and it was hiding in plain sight? But what if there was proof of the Illuminati? There is!

What if it the money we spend, the medication we take, the robotic armies that increasingly fight our wars, and the very fabric of our society were all actually proof that the Illuminati is real? And what if the Illuminati didn’t even bother to hide this proof, because they know we’re so sick, overworked, distracted, and docile that we won’t, or can’t, do anything about it?

Have you asked questions like “Is the Illuminati real?” or “Are there signs that show Illuminati members are among us?” Here are the reasons why it’s entirely possible that the Illuminati not only exist, but have their hooks into every aspect of our lives. Does this Illuminati proof make you a believer? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

Readiness Exercises

While it might sound farfetched and paranoid to think the US Government has worked out plans to suspend the Constitution and declare Martial Law, these plans are all too real – and exist in the Constitution itself. So called “readiness exercises” are drills where the National Guard militarizes to put down a civilian insurrection.

They’ve been practiced under a variety of spooky sounding names like “Garden Plot” and “Rex 84” and would be exactly how any kind of mass purge or arrest would take place. So if the Illuminati wants to make its move, they’ve got legal justification to do so – right there in Article 1 of the Constitution.

Mass Surveillance

How will the Illuminati know when it’s the right time to launch their great purge? It will be through mass surveillance. Various governmental agencies are said to have the ability to monitor and log virtually every Internet and phone communication anyone has. Not to mention the US Postal Service photographs the exterior of every piece of mail sent, through the MCT Program.

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Finally, there are the uncountable number of CCTV cameras monitoring every street corner and point of interest in major cities. Forbes estimates there are at least 4,000 in Manhattan, twice that many in Chicago – and half a million in London.


When the great population cull does come, it will take more than cameras and National Guardsmen to subdue the mass resistance that will spring up. Drones will make it much easier for the Illuminati to spy and kill from a remote distance, and the is making greater and greater use of them. According to a 2012 Wired article, the US  had 7,500 unmanned aircraft at that point – a number that has surely gone up since then.

Will an Illuminati-controlled drone rain missiles down upon you? You might not know until it’s too late.

Militarized Police

Thanks to an overabundance of high-grade military equipment, local police forces are now more heavily armed and armored than ever. Will the machine guns, grenade launchers, helicopters, drones, spy scopes, and armored vehicles purchased by various city and state police forces be turned against us with an order from the Illuminati?

The Euro

One long-thought goal of the Illuminati is a global currency that can be increased or decreased in value on a whim. This was first done over a large-scale through the Euro, and its success or failure might usher in additional continental-wide currencies. One of these is the rumored ” Amero” for the US, Mexico, and Canada. If this happens, a unified global money might not be far behind.

Agenda 21

While ostensibly a set of non-binding UN policy guidelines, many believe Agenda 21 is actually the Illuminati’s publicly-divulged plan to cull the population, take control of the countryside and cram the survivors into urban ghettos. Numerous cities and towns have had protests against what they believe to be Agenda 21 incursions, including bike lanes, parks, and urban planning.

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Reality Television

One of the most important aspects of what the Illuminati plan to do to the population is to make sure that we’re too distracted to see it happening. One of the chief distractions they’re said to have developed in the last decade is the reality TV craze, gluing millions of Americans to their televisions with tales of ordinary people plucked from life to become superstars.

Manufactured Pop Stars

Another easy way to distract the masses is through popular , and it’s thought that specially groomed singers (most of whom are young and female) are mouthpieces not only for Illuminati mythology, but for the goals of the Cabal itself. Did Katy Perry join the Illuminati, or did the Illuminati create Katy Perry? Only they can tell us.

Another way the Illuminati could be distracting us is through sports. Could it be that everything from the World Series to football Sundays and the World Cup are just cooked up, shiny distractions to keep us from seeing what the Cabal is really doing to us? The more we watch our sporting heroes, the less we watch the Illuminati.


Another possible proof that the Illuminati exist is the sheer number of diseases people can suffer from. Whether it’s cancer with a mysterious origin or a heart attack brought on by eating too much bad (advertised with Illuminati money, no doubt), it’s quite possible that the Cabal has a whole disease division, cooking up new ways to make us sick. After all, sick people can’t fight back.

Cures for Diseases

Not content with just making us sick, the Illuminati are also accused of creating the cures for the diseases they create, and selling them to us at massively inflated costs. Looking at the sheer amount of money the pharmaceutical industry makes, often with drugs prescribed after a lifetime of sedentary living and bad eating, it’s hard not to see at least a bit of merit in this argument.

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Drug Laws

Yet more support that the Big Pharma conspiracy perpetrated by the Illuminati involves their suppression of natural cures is the case of marijuana. It was a member of the Rockefeller family, New York GovernorNelson Rockefeller, who first championed the draconian drug laws that keep untold Americans behind bars. The US jails five times more people per capita than Britain, and much of this is because of anti-marijuana legislation.

The Symbols on Dollar Bills

Some believe that the Illuminati left hidden messages on the cash money printed by their puppets in the Federal Reserve. And there are a number of odd symbols on our paper money, including the Latin writing to the All Seeing Eye floating above a pyramid. Sure, maybe it has an innocuous meaning… but maybe it doesn’t.

Washington, D.C.

The layout of the nation’s capital is said to be full of hidden (or not so hidden) Masonic symbols, reflecting the Freemason affiliations of many of the Founding Fathers. Among these hidden symbols are supposedly an upside down star made from various streets going north from the , and a Masonic compass found east of that. Some even say that the Washington Monument is an Egyptian obelisk, reflecting the grab bag of ancient and Occult beliefs held by the Illuminati.

Public Schools

Many Illuminati watchers believe that public schools represent nothing less than government-mandated indoctrination centers, training children in the evil ways of the fake that the Cabal has created. They also teach education, international studies, and Godless secularism.

Illuminati Skeptics

Finally, there are the legions of people who don’t believe the Illuminati exist, citing the lack of compelling evidence, contradictions in the historical record, and the all-encompassing range of the conspiracy, ensuring it’s simply too big to exist. Could it be that all of these skeptics are actually Illuminati plants, paid by the Cabal to pump out disinformation and keep us from waking up?

Wouldn’t even pointing this out make one a suspect for being an Illuminati shill?