30 Real Thoughts You Have While You're Hungover at Work

Last night, those tequila shots were the best idea ever. So were those sake bombs. So were those last call pints. So were those pumpkin spice ciders you stole from your roommate’s mini fridge as soon as you got home. But now, it’s Tuesday morning, and you’re basically useless at work. If you’ve ever felt – or are currently feeling – like there’s an elephant jumping up and down on an ice pick lodged in your temporal lobe, chances are, you’ve had a hangover. 
Below, you’ll find a collection of and adorable who feel your pain. These guys are determined not to let the fact that the room is spinning deter them from coming to work – even if they are totally useless as soon as their boss leaves the room. These hangover might make you laugh out loud, which could be dangerous if you’re fighting the urge to vomit all over your keyboard, so take it easy as you scroll through.

When You Can’t Decide Whether to Sit on the Toilet or Puke Into It

When Your Boss Catches You at Your Desk Like This

“Sorry, Trash Can. It’s Me Again.”

…At Least Since Last Week’s Hangover

When Your Best Buddies Help Keep You Upright Until the Boss Leaves

Sip, Sip, Breathe, Repeat

“The Details. The Devil Really Is in Them.”

When You Promised Yourself You’d Only Have One

“José Cuervo Is No Friend of Mine”

When You Wonder Why the Hell You Didn’t Just Take a Sick Day

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Knowledge Is Not Always Power

That Horrible Moment When You Realize You Just Nodded Off in the Conference Room

When Co-Workers Try to Talk to You About Literally Anything

“I Simply Cannot Bear This Headache!”

When Your Pandora-Loving Co-Worker Makes You Think Violent Thoughts

“I’m Smacking Whoever’s Posing Behind Me as Soon as I Regain Control of My Limbs”

“Show Anyone that From Last Night and DIE.”

When You Realize You’re the Drunk Guy in the Story You Just Laughed At

When the Water Cooler Is So Close, Yet So Far Away

When Your Friend From 2 Cubicles Over Asks What’s Wrong

Your Energy Levels, Personified

At Least There’s This Silver Lining…

When the Coworker Who Talked You Into Joining Him for Happy Hour Is Hungover Too

When You Hate Your Job and Every Other Job That Was Ever Created

That Moment When You Realize You Puked on the Shoes You’re Currently Wearing Last Night

When Your Girlfriends Want to Gossip, but You’re Like:

The Stages of Grief

When You First Spot the Giant Pile of Work on Your Desk in the Morning

You Can’t Even Be Bothered to Deal With Your Hot Coworker’s Incessant Flirting