The Richest Young Celebrities (Under 30)

The richest young in Hollywood have made more money before 30 than most people will make in their lives. These rich famous people are out there, gaining popularity, and building wealth while you read about it. Some of these have been on the rich list since they were under 18, while others have only recently made their fortune.
Taylor Swift currently tops the list of the richest celebs under 30 with annual earnings of $170 million. Right behind her are soccer superstar Lionel Messi and vocal sensation Adele. The world’s youngest and wealthiest celebs are a mix of musicians, , and athletes. You will even find the DJ Avicii and the voluptuous on this list.
Who are the richest celebrities under 30? Here is a list of the top richest actors and richest actresses under 30 years of age. The wealthy young celebrities are the talk of the and captivate the national spotlight. Lots of people wish that they could trade lives with a , and the amount of money that they make surely gives a good reason why. These are the most powerful celebrities under the age of 30.

Taylor Swift

170 million in 2016

Lionel Messi

81.5 million in 2016


80.5 million in 2016
75 million in 2016
56 million in 2016

Novak Djokovic

56 million in 2016

Kevin Durant

56 million in 2016

The Weeknd

55 million in 2016

Cam Newton

53 million in 2016

Jordan Spieth

53 million in 2016

Jennifer Lawrence

46 million in 2016

Russell Wilson

42 million in 2016
$36 million


$28 Million

Maria Sharapova

$24 million

Kate Upton

$7 Million
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