The 32 Most Ridiculous Church Signs of All Time

According to these of crazy church signs, every single one of us is absolutely and undeniably screwed. How these churches choose to communicate their awesome, sometimes-unintentionally , is totally baffling. But we don’t mind! Here are all the most offensive, heinous, and insulting church signs ever – all put into one list.
What’s the dirtiest thing ever displayed on a church sign? Even been completely baffled by crazy church signage? These church signs will make you double over and put you on your knees, in or out of church.

The Church Addresses Tummy Pains… Right?
This Is a Better Slogan
Literally Every Single Day
This Is Fantastic
Who’re They Rallying Against Here, The Local Fire Department?
Imagine What It Would Do to a Woman
Sincerely, Your Friends, The Church
They Talking About Other ’s Mistakes
These Signs Sure Do Speak in Tongues a Lot
Come and Get It, !
Everyone Keep Selling Your Bodies!
Wrap Your Mind Around This One…
It’s Like an Exclusive, Horrible Club
If Jesus Did It, It Must Be Okay
At Least We Found That Out Before the 2nd Date
Which Sucks for the Lefthanded Members of the Congregation
Just a Bunch of Weirdos in a Room
What Did This Used to Say?…
But What If They Sink Below the Surface?!
Is That All It Takes?
The Worst Ones Always Involve
Checkmate, Atheists
Super Gross If You Think About It
Jesus As the Worst Little Brother
This Is Terrifying
That’s What Elves Are For
Using Flattery on the Flock
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