Very Ridiculous Sex Scenes

Animated scenes are nothing new, and they’re not confined to hentai. Even seemingly innocuous can come out of nowhere with a surprising hookup. Like any medium, anime tries to cover the breadth and depth of human experience. That, of course, includes sex.
That being said, some of these sex scenes are seriously . On the one hand there’s your average lovemaking scene, and on the other there’s toothbrush sex, overenthusiastic hamsters, having actual orgasms from delicious , possessed horses, and more. It’s a very full hand.
Anime isn’t the only genre that’s rife with off-the-wall sex scenes, and books have their fair share, too. There’s just something about anime sex scenes that can get especially weird. Also, if the description didn’t tip you off (somehow), all of the you’ll see below are NSFW. Possibly NSFAnywhere.

Sebastian Seduces A Woman For Her Secrets In Black Butler

Considering that the majority of Sebastian’s interactions in Black Butler are with the 12-year-old Ciel Phantomhive, seeing him actually have sex is surprising in of itself. In this scene, he’s using the encounter to get information. He sweet-talks his way into a woman named Beast’s bed, and then convinces her to tell him secrets about her father while she’s in the throes of orgasm. This is a great example of Sebastian’s more demonic side, but it still comes as a bit of a shock given the overall tone of the series.
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