The Sexiest Female Soccer Players

Sexiest female combine raw appeal with athletic ability to dominate on the soccer field while looking beautiful. Be them college soccer, professional soccer or international soccer stars, these ladies are the hottest female soccer players in any league.
Though women’s soccer, or soccer in general, may not be as popular as other in the United States, does not lack in terms of hot women soccer players. The likes of Mia Hamm, Rachel Morris, Lindsey Packard, Niki Arlitt and Heather Mitts are just a few of the females from the United States that play soccer.
There are plenty of gorgeous women from other countries however that give the American beauties a run for their money on and off the field. Kosovare Asllani, a Swedish footballer, Kaylyn Kyle from Canada, Rachel Unitt from England, Monica Gonzalez from Mexico and Amy Taylor from Australia are all right up there with the Americans in terms of sex appeal and soccer skills.
These ladies may not get the mainstream praise that the men do for being the best soccer players of all time but you will find them gracing the pages of men’s magazines, on posters and in the fantasies of sports fans around the world.

U.S. women’s national team; Portland Thorns FC

Laisa Andrioli

Brazil women’s national team
Australian women’s national team (retired)
U.S. women’s national team; Seattle Reign
Ajax Vrouwen
U.S. women’s national team (retired)
Canadian national team; Houston Dash

Lindsey Packard

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Former player for Appalachian State.

Bri Swift

Former player for the University of North Florida.
Canada national women’s soccer team; Houston Dash
Former player for Swedish national tea

Caitlin King

Played for Auburn University for four seasons.
Former member of the Swedish national team.
Swedish national team; Paris Saint-Germain

Rachel Morris

Former player for Kansas University

Lauri Byrne

Houston Aces
Former member of Brazilian National Team.

Monica Gonzalez

Former player for Boston Breakers. Current soccer analyst and announcer for ESPN.
Houston Dash

Chelsea Balestra

Former player for University of Louisiana
Former player for U.S. women’s national team
England National Football Team, Manchester City

Kayla Bala

Former midfielder at University of South Florida.

Casey McCall

Former player for Texas Tech.
US National Team and FC Kansas City.
Manchester City; England women’s national football team.

Ally Akins

Former player for Arkansas.
Olympique Lyon