Soft Skills That Are Important for Success

You may have a prestigious resume and years of education in your speciality, but without soft skills, many times you aren’t as appealing to potential employers or clients. For every single position, there’s a crush of applicants. For every online profile even remotely appealing, there’s a herd trying to push to the front. Soft skills help us stand out.
Individuals who have a strong soft skills list say that these characteristics build confidence, strengthen job performance, and in general make them more focused people. A strong set of soft skills can put you in a more powerful position. Try creating a list of soft skills! It can help set you apart from the crowd, and it’s also a great exercise to encourage introspection so that you can evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses.
The same soft skills list can apply to every day life. There’s no “clocking out” when it comes to behavior. Building and maintaining a serious set of soft skills can widen your social circle, help you negotiate and financial decisions, and create a sense of balance all around. Which soft skills do you already possess? Which ones do you need to work on or add to your own soft skills list?
Vote up the soft skills you think are most important, and remember to always have a firm handshake… unless you are a germaphobe. Feel free to leave your opinion on the meaning of and importance of soft skills in the comments section below!

Open to Learning




Problem Solving

Sense of

Creative Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Adaptability and Flexibility

Critical Observation


Work Ethic


Decision Making

Giving and Receiving Useful Feedback

Multicultural Sensitivity and Awareness

Research Skills

Working Under Pressure



Process Improvement

Ambitious and Self Motivated

Time Management


Current with

Conflict Resolution

Teamwork and Collaboration



Self Confidence

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