So Sperm Smoothies And Facials Are A Thing Now…

People have seemingly tried everything when it comes to health and beauty regimens, but every once in a while they decide to try something a little more taboo that shocks the rest of the population. There have been dimple machinesX-rays for hair removal, and ingesting tape worms, to name a few. One strange trend that has been popping up in recent years? Sperm smoothies and sperm facials. Yes, you read that right. Sperm smoothies and facials are a thing.
Women are coming out and preaching the benefits of consuming sperm and using it in facial treatments. After all, that sticky substance does actually contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Tracy Kiss created this YouTube video to showcase how she uses sperm in her beauty routine, with claims that it helps treat her rosacea. But should you really eat sperm, or slather it all over your face? There’s not a ton of scientific research that says you can’t but, of course, it’s really a personal decision.
While some people may praise semen for its supposed health benefits and use it in a variety of ways, doctors believe this bizarre trend may not be so great. Infections can occur and acne can break out. Mostly, however, whether to use semen in your daily routine is really up to the individual. And so, here are some weird uses for semen. You can decide if it’s something you’re willing to try.
Why Do People Think Semen Is Good For Your Skin And Health?
Semen is made up of mostly water with proteins, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), and zinc. So it’s no wonder people believe it can be healthy to consume or use for beauty treatments. After all, it’s made up of the we regularly eat and apply to our . Semen is also low in calories and cholesterol. Magnesium and zinc are important minerals people need regularly and semen really is packed with protein.
One Blogger Claims Semen Facials Help Keep Her Rosacea At Bay
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blogger Tracy Kiss claims that semen facials makes her skin feel softer and help with her rosacea. Apparently, it has also helped her stay on better and balances her skin tone better than any store-bought product. She preached about the benefits in multiple articles on her website and even created a YouTube video showing how she applies the semen to her face. Semen also contains urea, which exfoliates and hydrates the skin, and spermine, an extremely powerful antioxidant that can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Be careful, though: according to one scientific study, “under certain conditions[,] spermine may promote DNA strand breakage.”
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You Can Get A Spermine Facial At A Fancy NYC Spa
Graceful Services is a spa located in New York and, for the price of $125, they will slather spermine all over your face. The service is an hour long facial treatment called Spermine Nutritive Cream. Spermine is an antioxidant most commonly found in semen, though it can be found in other places, too. So, getting a spermine facial doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be getting man goo slathered all over your face, but it’s kind of hard to break that association. The spa claims that it has healing properties and can improve collagen production.
Semen Can Boost Your Mood
Semen contains not only sperm and other nutrients, but also has compounds such as endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin. These are some of the hormonal compounds that can make you feel good and happy. They help a woman to bond with her baby or help lovers to feel euphoric with each other. Typically, they would be absorbed vaginally, but the vagina is not the only method of absorbtion. The zinc in semen is also an anti-oxidant, which helps keep the body youthful and healthy.
One Woman Claims Semen Smoothies Give Her A Boost Of Energy
And we’re back to Tracy Kiss. She just loves semen. Kiss has said that drinking semen smoothies, or just the semen alone, improved her mood and energy levels. After drinking her sperm smoothies, she feels refreshed and more energetic for her children. She is also a nutritionist and claims that semen can be a healthy addition to any diet.
There’s A Semen Cookbook
Natural Harvest (a rather fitting title) is a cookbook with semen-themed recipes. In it, you will find recipes for Irish coffee with extra cream, man-made oysters, and tiramisu. For the tiramisu, the directions say to soak ladyfingers in semen. Other items simply call for a teaspoon of semen to add to the recipe. The author, Paul Photenhauer, has his own website you can check out called Cooking With Cum. He has some examples from his book there along with newer recipes for as well as drinks.
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You Can Add Some Spunk To Your Beer
In Wellington, New Zealand, there is bar called the Green Man Pub. They serve up and numerous beers, but one beer they serve truly stands out. It’s called the Stag Semen “Milked” Stout and it’s made with (yes, you guessed it) semen. As a matter of fact, the semen comes from a stag named Lagoon. It allegedly has a rich chocolatey flavor and an extra creamy texture. The creaminess is from the added lactose, however, not the extra special ingredient.
Want It To Taste Better? Have Your Man Eat Fruit
So, you’ve decided that you want to try a sperm smoothie, but you’re worried about the taste. An easy fix? Have your sperm donor eat pineapple or mint! While any scientific evidence is hard to find, plenty of alike have claimed that fruits tend to make the man juice taste sweeter. Semen already contains fructose, so it has a naturally semi-sweet taste to it.  Broccoli and asparagus, on the other hand, give it a more unpleasant, bitter taste. Supposedly, vegan and vegetarian men have the best-tasting semen.
The Testosterone In Semen Can Clog Your Pores
Semen contains testosterone, which is a hormone we almost all have to varying degrees. In women, testosterone levels are low whereas, in men, it’s naturally higher. Too much testosterone, however, will disrupt your sebaceous glands, causing your body to produce excess amounts of all that stuff that clogs pores. Clogged pores means an acne riddled face. So while semen facials may seem like they can nourish skin, they may come at a cost of the superficial appearance of your face.
There’s A Semen Cocktail Recipe Book, Too
 Semenology – The Semen Bartender’s Handbook is another book written by Paul Photenhauer. This one highlights different drinks that can be made with semen. Some of the recipes include the Macho Mojito, the Semen Rimmed Margarita, and the Strawberry SplasharitaPhotenhauer wants people to experience flavors beyond the normal drinking adventures and came up with recipes that supposedly enhance the flavor of semen. He wants the taboo of consuming spunk to disappear so that people are more open to eating or drinking it.
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Before You Concoct a Semen Facial, Make Sure You’re Not Allergic To It
An allergy to semen is a thing! As many as 40,000 women are affected by the condition know as seminal plasma hypersensitivity. Those who have it can experience swelling in the vagina, burning, itching, and redness in the skin. In one case, a woman was diagnosed with it after developing symptoms within 10 minutes of having . She was tested, then underwent desensitization in her vagina, and was instructed to have sex with her partner every 48 hours to basically get her body used to the semen. Another woman was sent to the hospital after experiencing an extreme allergic reaction after a co-worker tainted her salad dressing.
Infected Semen Can Cause An STI In Your Eye
 Generally speaking, conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva (a thin tissue that covers the white part of your eyes), otherwise known as pink eye. It’s not a pleasant infection, so imagine now what a sexually transmitted infection in the eye would be like. If the semen used in a facial is infected, it can get into the eye and cause diseases like gonococcal conjunctivitis or chlamydial conjunctivitis. That’s right, you can get gonorrhea and chlamydia in your eyes. Both infections cause a yellow or green pus-like substance to drain from the eye. The infection also causes redness, swelling, and itching.
Eye Herpes Is A Very Real Consequence Of Semen Facials
If the semen in your semen facial carries the herpes virus, it can be transferred to you via the eye. There are multiple types of herpes that can infect the eyes, and they range in severity. The herpes virus can leave your eye scarred or it can completely blind you. The symptoms are very similar to pink eye in that there is swelling, redness, irritation, and discharge. Treatment can be as simple as eye drops, or the eye may need scraping or surgery to remove the infection. And once an outbreak occurs, chances are, it’s going to happen again at some point.