Teachers Reveal Their Most Disturbing Day at School

As all teachers know, dealing with students of any age is a complete gamble with your sanity. Elementary are prone to immature outbursts and are harder to control, but middle and high school students are smart enough to actually plan out devastating pranks on each other. Plus, there are gross students at any age. While most classes have no problems, it’s only a matter of time before a teacher stumbles upon The One Kid They’ll Never Forget. The kid who does something so unpredictable, so disturbing, so enraging, that they’ll take the experience with them for the rest of their lives. When teachers discuss students, the gory details come out, and these are those stories.

  1. High school student commits suicide by self-immolation

    “A kid at my high school committed suicide by soaking his clothes in gasoline and lighting himself on fire right on the front steps of the school at 7am. The janitor had to clean up what was left before school started after they removed the body. He was noticeably disturbed for the rest of the year and you could still see the burn mark on the steps.”
  2. Student kicks teacher’s pregnant stomach

    “In my high school, this all happened in one year. My chemistry teacher was pregnant in her third trimester (I think, well she was pretty big and looked like she was going to pop). One day, that teacher and this b*tch of a student got into an argument because the student was caught being on her phone, but she kept on insisting that she didn’t have her phone out. Everyone knew she was lying since we all saw it, but she kept saying how racist the teacher was because she kept picking on her, how the teacher wants her to fail, etc. The student started cussing and was slamming everything around so the teacher called the hall monitors to come escort the b*tch student out.
    Before the hall monitors could come though, the b*tch student got up and kicked the teacher in the stomach. Everyone in the room just let a giant gasp and we were all stunned. I was in the front and was frozen in my seat for a couple seconds. The b*tch student then walked out like she owned the world and some students, including me, all ran to the teacher and tried to help her, but the hall monitor came and soon we were told to back away. We all got to go home early that day. The teacher had to be put on bed rest and the baby was fine when he was born. I don’t think charges were ever made, but the student was kicked out of the school. Even the full-time douches in that class agreed that she went too far.”
  3. Heartless students mock their teacher for having a miscarriage

    The absolute worse [sic] thing I’ve heard was this story my teacher told me about a group of kids that bullied their teacher.
    So this is what happened:
    This teacher had a miscarriage/stillborn after being pregnant. Then, when she came back from that experience she found a baby with a noose around its neck on the desk. She left and never came back.”
    Amazingly, there’s another, almost identical story:
    There was an extremely similar incident at my school. A teacher had a stillborn, and was very traumatized by the experience. When she finally came back after about a month, she got in an argument with a kid about some essay or homework or something. After school was over, he snuck back into her room put a of an aborted fetus on her desk and wrote “I’m glad your kid died” on the whiteboard.
    When she saw it the next day, she ran out of the room crying and never came back. The kids friends ratted him out and he ended up getting suspended for a few weeks.”
  4. Student poisons her unsuspecting teacher

    “I was in middle school, a girl in my class slipped rat poison into the teachers’ coffee when she was out of the room. The teacher was rushed to the hospital pretty quickly and lived but never came back to the school.
    The girl was expelled after a few in the class admitted to seeing her put the poison in (the ones that came forward were suspended for a long time for not telling anyone until after). I have no idea what happened to the girl who did it, she was only 12 so there probably wasn’t much punishment. She was the quiet nerdy kid too, the last person you’d ever suspect to do something like that.”
  5. High school lie about being sexually harassed, ruin teacher’s life

    “A group of girls thought it would be if one of them claimed they were sexually abused. They voted on one girl to do it and her father was the woodworking + metalworks teacher. Well loved in school by all students. Kinda reminded everyone of cause he was large, had a white beard and was overall very jolly. She claimed he raped her and all the girls in the group backed up her claim (though I have no idea what evidence they had) this ruined his life at school and I remember all these rumours about where he was. The group of girls did brag about it apparently. I think eventually she confessed to it all being a lie. He came but he was never the same.”
  6. Mom pranks teacher with laxative brownies, teacher shares them with the whole class

    In a case that would rank amongst the most immature parenting decisions of all time, a woman from Portland, ME, conspired with her daughter and her friends to bake a batch of brownies stuffed with laxatives in a scheme to prank her ’s teacher. They crushed up Ex-Lax pills and stirred it into the mix, and once the brownies were done, they left it on their teacher’s desk with a note saying “We made these cookies especially for you, hope you enjoy them.”
    That’s when it all backfired. Being a generous, thoughtful person, the teacher shared the brownies with the entire class, unintentionally making anyone who ate a brownie incredibly sick. What’s really disturbing to think about, though, is that if a single brownie contained enough laxatives to make someone sick, their intention was for the teacher to eat ALL of the brownies, which could have led to a serious medical emergency.
    The mom responsible for the prank was sentenced to 50 hours of community service.
  7. Kindergartener draws a really disturbing picture

    “A little girl (kindergarten) drew a picture of herself then coloured the whole page red. When asked why she coloured everything in red the kid said, ‘That’s what I’m going to look like when I blow myself up.'”
  8. Kid almost kills his 60-year-old teacher

    “I was not in the class, but my friend was. What happened was that there was this old white teacher about 60 something years old. We’ll call him Mr. M for this story. Mr. M told a student to be quiet because he kept interrupting the class and was wandering around the room constantly. The student kept talking back and Mr. M gave the student a warning that he was going to get a referral. The student then attacked the teacher by grabbing his tie, choking him.
    Then the student started to hit the 60 year old teacher and slammed his head on the corner of the table. Some other lowlife waste of space student was recording and was edging him on. In the you could see a couple students running outside the classroom. Minutes later, when Mr. M is unconscious the bastard is still beating on him. Finally, the hall monitor came and the student was taken into custody. Rumors went around the school that he did it on purpose to go back to juvy…”
  9. Kids blow up the groundskeeper’s car

    “My friends was the grounds keeper but everyone hated him because he always busted the younger kids for going out to lunch and handed out a lot of detentions. One night a couple of guys started his van on fire and it blew up. He wasn’t that nice, but he was just doing his job. He lost a lot of personal items in the van (I heard from another teacher). He was so upset he quit, and their family didn’t have much money as it was. It was horrible and my friend transferred schools because of it.”
  10. Student locks teacher inside classroom after fire alarm goes off

    “I had another HS kid who could read and write (not at grade level, but still, better than many of his peers) but who was extremely impulsive. In addition to continually getting into fights with his peers (both male and female), he threw stuff in the classroom (at me, at other students, out the windows), farted out loud, and had this horrible habit of announcing his desires and discomforts to the whole world.
    “I’m HUNGRY!”
    “Damn, I gotta PISS!”
    “It’s f**kin’ COLD in here!”
    “Damn I’m HORNY!”
    He wasn’t the only one who did this (I can’t imagine what type of home environment would create a person who, instead of saying “Hey, mind if I eat something?” or “What are we having for lunch?” or even “Mom, can you feed me please?” just walks around shouting “I’M HUNGRY!”) but he was definitely the worst offender.
    One day we had a fire alarm (a real one–this happened often at this particular school). He was the last student out of the room and when he left he laughed in my face and slammed the door shut. He stood outside holding the doorknob so I couldn’t get out. He wrenched or jacked the knob so hard that, once he fled the building, the doorknob didn’t work any more. I was trapped in my classroom with the fire alarm going off and I couldn’t call anyone to let me out because they had all gone outside with the students.
    So I sat there with my fingers in my ears (the fire alarm was VERY loud) for about an hour. Eventually I heard voices outside — it was the firefighters responding to the call. I explained the situation through the door and they all had a good laugh, then they brought a custodian in to jimmy the door open. That was the worst day of my teaching career. And then of course the kids mocked me for it for weeks afterward. That kid was definitely the worst in terms of classroom behavior.”
  11. Kids replace the vending machine’s apple juice with urine

    Credit to the evil geniuses behind this plan, because at least they had the smarts and proper planning to carry out what is admittedly a pretty advanced prank: buying a bottle of apple juice, filling it with urine, and then exploiting a glitch in the vending machine’s machine code to get the bottle back up there.
    The really gross part? Nobody bought the apple juice for a very long time, and their urine was just sitting there in the hallway, undetected, for weeks. But what goes up must come down, and a poor freshman was unlucky enough to purchase the bottle of pee, eventually leading to the students’ arrest for intentionally poisoning water.
    However, they were able to prove the urine was sterile and pointed to the fact that the freshman who drank it didn’t even sick. That wasn’t enough, however, and the two boys ended up in juvenile hall.
  12. Third grader doesn’t know how insults work yet

    “I’m a teacher who also works at our after school program, so I have kids from across several grades. One of my third grade boys was arguing with another boy when he shouts, “Oh yeah!? You can just put your penis in my butt!” He was clearly serious and seemed to be under the impression that it was like a “f**k you” type insult. The other boy fell into stunned silence, and some of the fifth grade boys who’d heard started snickering, but were kind enough to tell him, “dude don’t say that ever again.”
  13. Talk about a sh*tty day at school

    “My mother was once a first grade teacher. She told me a time when a boy in her class went into the bathroom, came out with his turd, threw it at the chalkboard and it splattered everywhere. Now that’s pretty bad day if you ask me.”
  14. An awful Christmas wish

    “Overheard this in community college after returning from the Christmas break.
    Teacher: ‘How was your break?’
    Student: ‘I didn’t get my Christmas wish.’
    Teacher: ‘What was it?’
    Student: ‘That you died and didn’t come back.'”
  15. A teacher got locked in a cabinet

    “One of my coworkers was reaching into a supply cabinet when a few students came up behind him, shoved him into the cabinet, and locked it with a padlock between the cabinet handles. He was there yelling and banging to be let out. The students laughed. Then the bell rang. They left him in there for the next class.
    This class also thought it was funny at first but then they became worried that they would get in trouble. But none of them could open the padlock and no one wanted to go down to the office and tell them what happened. So the class just sat around for the rest of the period while the teacher was still locked inside.
    Then the next class came. He was discovered by the janitor after spending hours locked in that tiny space. Worse, he had to show up for work the next day and teach the same kids who were never punished. The event broke something inside of him and he was never the same. He stopped trying in every way. He came to work, passed out worksheets, and left on time. He never corrected student behavior and never disciplined students. He was a mediocre teacher before this event. Afterwards, he was the example of the absolute bare minimum that can be done to avoid getting fired.”
  16. A student hid after class to assault a teacher

    “I worked at a school where a student stayed late one day planning to attack a teacher. Apparently, he hid somewhere while everyone left, so he was free to roam once all the other students were gone. One unlucky female teacher was grading papers in her room alone when he wandered in. He surprised her, and started stabbing her in the face with a pencil. Another teacher, hearing her screams rushed to her room and pulled the 15-year-off her. She lost an eye, never taught again, and that little f*cker went to prison.”
  17. A few choice experiences

    I’ve been teaching inner city for seven years in the two areas of my city with the highest drug and murder rates.
    I’ve been stabbed in the arm with a crude metal knife a student made out of the metal mesh of a pencil holder.
    There was a student known to be the daughter of drug dealers. She was incredibly violent and eventually the administration decided on expulsion. The girl told her mother it was my doing and I was targeting her. Mom promised me at the hearing that her husband would kill me and the principal at the end of the school day. When dad came to pick up their younger son in the car line at the end of that day, he pulled a gun and pointed it at me and the principal who both worked car dismissal. The police were there as a precaution and arrested him immediately. The entire thing was surreal. Turns out the gun wasn’t loaded, but still one of the most pants-sh*tting moments of my life.
    And my personal favorite was when a student dropped pants in the middle of my room and pissed on another teacher’s leg when he wouldn’t let him use the restroom during a session of standardized testing. I had to get between them because I honestly believed the other teacher was going to break him in half if I didn’t.”
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