Terrible 4th of July Outfits That Give America a Bad Name

The 4th of July is a celebration of all American, but it is also an excuse to bust out some of the worst American flag and USA-themed clothing available. Here we’ve put together some examples of clothes you can wear to show your patriotism in the most hideous way possible. Wondering what to wear on 4th of July? Why not go totally USA with your Independence Day outfit and try on an American flag jumpsuit? Or forget the clothes altogether and just paint your body with stars and stripes? Who cares if you look like an insane person who just escaped from a terrifying American-themed asylum! This holiday is all about patriotism, and your July 4th apparel should match your level of devotion to the good ol’ US of A.   

We’re joking, of course. Please don’t wear a hamburger-covered shirt with American flag board shorts in public. You’ll embarrass all of us. Consider this list of the worst Fourth of July clothes a cautionary tale in patriotic

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