The 19 Hottest Girls Who've Turned Down Playboy

Prepare to gather up your magazines, curl up in a ball, and weep openly. These smoking women have shown plenty of skin on camera, teased the hell out of you but have refused to bare it all, even for millions of dollars. From reigning babe Jessica Alba to Britney Spears in her hay day to even people everyone’s seen naked like Paris Hilton, here are the 20 hottest women who’ve turned down Playboy, yet continue to turn you on.
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Have you searched for Jennifer Aniston Playboy, Jessica Alba Playboy, or Stacy Keibler Playboy only to be disappointed? Well you’re not alone.
These hot women all said “no” to Playboy, much to the chagrin of the known universe.

Jessica Alba

Nobody in the hot-girls in Hollywoodsphere has kept her skin completely out of the public, her nethers fully-clothed while getting out of or her twins under cover better than Jessica Alba.
Sure, she regularly gives us something, but she rarely, if ever, actually gets down for the silver screen.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is easily one of the hottest women on on Earth (who is famous) right now. Her faux innocence and carefree attitude hugely contribute to the fact that pretty much every man in wants to have sex with her and that almost every one of us has imagined her naked (male or female.)
(And who can forget her run in with “Sesame Street.” )

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston has been completely naked in magazines before, so why not in Playboy? Apparently, a lot of people still see nudity as something that objectifies women and makes things a little more “perverted,” which is most likely why Jennifer Aniston repeatedly says no to Playboy‘s advances.
The craziest part is that Hugh Hefner has offered her $4 million for posing, as a flat rate, but also offered her sales incentive where if they sold enough magazines, she would get $10 million.
That’s right, she turned down freaking $10 MILLION NOT TO DO PLAYBOY.

Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler could beat the living crap out of you. If you want to see her naked, you’re going to have to fight her for it.
Regularly making the Maxim Top 100, she’s been asked various times to pose nude for Playboy, but will not. Pretty soon she should be getting pretty pissed about the whole thing, so they probably would be well advised to stop.
This actress and Wrestling star hasn’t really given up too much skin beyond what you can see in the picture to the left.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Looking fine on a bed has pretty much cut it for Jennifer Love Hewwitt for the last decade or so, but she’s absolutely refused to do much more nudity than she did in that tanning scene in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.
Although reportedly flattered, she said no when they asked her to take it all off because she still looks absolutely amazing. I mean, there’s that George Lopez video from just this last year of her talking about how she VaJazzles herself (that is vagina bedazzling, for all you guys not around for the first part of 2010.)

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole is a British singer who’s part of a British p***ycat Dolls type band called Girls Aloud (see what they did there?). She’s currently also a judge on the “American Idol” style show (they do “their own thing” in other countries, it seems) “The X Factor.” Unlike Paula Abdul, you can actually look at Cheryl Cole, though, and it doesn’t burn.
So no idea why this person never did Playboy. Maybe she’s just waiting for that last minute to finally cash in, kind of like in an eBay auction, but who knows. Also, she probably would’ve been in the British Playboy,which means we’d get a few measly pages here and there or have to pay double for what is essentially the same magazine only talking about stuff we don’t give a crap about.

Sarah Michelle Gellar

During her “Buffy” days, Sarah Michelle Gellar was one of the hot ones, and one of the most coveted geek women ever (who wasn’t actually a geek.)
Joss Whedon (creator of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) wouldn’t have a problem with sexing Buffy up a little, and actually had a few whole seasons where Buffy had all kinds of sex (and now an entire climax in the comic books about Buffy having sex, no pun intended.)
So it wasn’t that she was leaning on her studio/PR manager/agent saying no, it’s just that she was that conservative. And after seven seasons of a successful television show that still has one of the most rabid and loyal followings in the of entertainment, you can do that.
So, she can parade around in bras, wear only black lingerie, hang around in highly questionable business attire and participate in one of the hottest kisses in the history of film, but she can’t do Playboy.
Even though she’s a complete sweetheart, that, is weird. Luckily, she’s aged like wine and if that “Buffy” reboot ever goes through she’ll be relevant enough to warrant a spread. Here’s hoping!

Britney Spears

I know. I need to explain why this is so high up. Nowadays she does things like this:
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan in a car together. All in one place.
That’s when you know you’re in trouble.

Kate Hudson

Goldie Hawn’s daughter keeps making these lists because she’s just so damned interesting, adorable, and awesome.
Unlike her mom, though, Kate Hudson keeps declining Playboy’s offers to pose naked in their magazine.
She has has some pretty cool sex scenes, including the ones in the video to the left in that annoying Dane Cook movie I saw twice because of conflicting dates.

Rachel Weisz

Rachel Weisz’s Esquire magazine shoot pretty much says it all. The woman has aged like wine that would put you well into a barrage of overdraft fees for the next three months.
Her body is absolutely smashing, and she wants to show it off. THAT’S why she didn’t do Playboy. She doesn’t like how they airbrush their models (and frankly, she’s 100% right.)
If they were to do something a little more raw, like say, the Esquire video that’s to the left, then she probably would’ve been totally . Unfortunately, Playboy‘s a little too “American” in that it airbrushes perfection into already perfect women, therefore sometimes making things LESS sexy.
This is a woman after my own heart.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum is a supermodel. We’ve all seen her naked. So what the hell?
Seriously. Women that have made a career out of showing their body probably shouldn’t see themselves as “too good” for stuff. If you knew that Heidi Klum was doing a Playboy spread, would you think any differently of her? No.
So why not in Playboy? Maybe she’s protecting her brand, or maybe she was too picky. So, according to page six, she demanded a black and white cover and photoshoot, as well as a female photographer.Playboy didn’t like these terms, so they took back the $1 million and both parties went their separate ways.


Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue is an Australian singer and actress that you’ve probably seen hanging out on news stands or that has made you do a double take at a CD your girlfriend left on the floor of your car.
Well, she’s a huge star in the UK and around the world, and she was offered almost $4 million to do a Playboy spread. THAT’S how much everyone wants to see her naked.
Unfortunately, she’s an international superstar, so she said no. Maybe after she shaves her head, goes crazy, dates a white dancer with no rhythm and has a bunch of kids she’ll be game.
The weird part about these European and Australian stars is that you can pretty much see them all over the tabloids topless on beaches, since that’s what they do over there, yet still people want to see them in a sexual context in Playboy.
Here is a perfect example of why people want to see her naked in a make-upy, photoshoppy context.
Christina Aguilera’s turned down Playboy plenty of times, and it doesn’t really make sense. It saddens, confuses, and frustrates me at all hours of the night when I’m looking through old pictures while drinking/crying.
It would have been a perfect thing to do when she was going for her whole “” thing back in the day, and definitely would have been a great decision to make before popping out a few kids then getting divorced.
Feels like this Playboy spread thing is a card that girls wait until they’re allllllmost too old to play, just when their career is on the down.

Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is probably the only good thing to come out of the whole Twilight craze. Well that and, occasionally, . She plays a forgettable character in the worst thing that kids have liked since bringing to school/
She apparently won’t do Playboy because of her very young fan base.
This girl makes no sense, but once Twilight is over, you know she’ll start getting down a little more in order to get “taken seriously” in her “film career.”

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham seems like a complete jerk in life. Nothing about any picture she’s ever taken has ever led me to believe that she is anything short of a mean person. And that makes her insanely hot.
So hot, in fact, that that she deserves her own Playboy spread. Most people would probably thinks so.
But, fittingly, she’s a little too damned mean to give us all something we’ve wanted ever since her “F**k me, Santa” days. So eff that.


After several offers to appear naked in Playboy, Rihanna says that she would never be naked on a cover for money. She’d do it out of her own will.

Victoria Beckham

After all these years, after all this time, it’s insanely weird to think that of all the Spice Girls, the one who’s stayed relevant is Posh. She still looks damned good even if her fake breasts look like two separated, poory grown tomatoes.
Other than being married to David Beckham, as far as I can tell her primary career nowadays consists of walking in and out of airports.
So why no Playboy? Well, because she’s a Spice Girl and they follow a strict code of honor.

Paris Hilton

Everyone and their mom has seen Paris Hilton naked. So why not take a million dollars and spend a day without clothes on… only not at home?
Well, for the same reason you haven’t taken the garbage out in two days and the same reason there’s a single unwashed dish (or a lot more) in your sink right now. You have better things to do and the benefits don’t outweigh you just wanting to do nothing. $1 million is really not very much for Paris Hilton and she won’t pose for the magazine… even though she’s at the mansion all the time.
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