The 20 Funniest Shaggy Memes

The is still shouting “Zoinks!” over Shaggy . For some reason, no one can explain the perpetually hungry, Scooby Snack-eating, green-shirt-wearing, sandwich-making mystery investigator that is Shaggy. Even Matthew Lillard, the who portrayed the live-action version of the Scooby Doo character, doesn’t understand the character’s origins. Is Shaggy some sort of god? Is he a phantom being who haunts his friends? It’s hard to determine.

It’s easy, however, to laugh at Scooby Doo memes. They’re better than a whole box of Scooby Snacks.

Shaggy Found His Temporary Host

Shaggy Has Otherworldly Pets

Never Challenge Him

To Act As A God, One Must Learn From A God

If You Ever Play Shaggy, Beware

Be Careful If You Hear That Word Out Loud

That Catchphrase Might Have A More Sinister Meaning

His Hunger Must Be Fed

Shaggy Requires No Payment, Only Souls

Keanu Reeves Could Really Bring Shaggy To Life

Magic Was Actually Magic

Human Vessels Can Hardly Handle Shaggy’s Essence

He Even Influences

He Could Certainly Take Obi-Wan

Shaggy Can Be A Benevolent God

The World Needs A New Unit Of Power To Measure Shaggy’s Energy Output

Shaggy Makes The Cinematography Come Alive

Shaggy Is The Mightiest Monster Of Them All

Don’t Ever Question Shaggy’s Strength 

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