The 25 Best of the Queensland Rail Ad Meme

Queensland Rail is the metro rail system that runs all over Queensland, Australia. It recently started running an ad campaign of “rail etiquette” posters that seemed almost condescending in their nature, but ultimately shine light on the more considerate can do on the rail system on a daily basis.
Reddit, on the other hand, got ahold of their customization function where you can actually create your own captions around the happy, fun and helpful of the rail system riders and made them all horrific, depraved and, most importantly, .

George Follows the Rules

Jim Sees a Hot Girl

Josh is a Racist

Good Thinking Jade

How Polite, Sam

Jen’s On Her Period

Sally Has Gas

Paul Picks His Battle

Gavin is a Considerate Biker

John Hates Cripples

Mohammed Knows What to Do

Adam Is a

Dave Is Always Thinking

Mary Better Pay

Josh Sees a MILF

Steve is Wasted

Stacy is Ice Cold

Jade is Racist

Sam Has Impeccable Timing

Jim Sits On The Quiet Carriage

Kim Is a Jerk

George is Humble

Josh Has a Bomb

Stare Off

Jimmy Loses His Swag

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