The 25 Sexiest (Famous) Girls with Tattoos

Hot and tattoos go together like milk and cookies. Hot chicks like Jessica Alba and and ink? Well, those go together like the best milk you’ve ever tasted and the absolute best f*cking chocolate chip cookies in the world. From queens like Angelina Jolie and Kat Von D, to unexpected tramp stamps from the likes of Julia Roberts and hand tattoos on Helen Mirren, here are the 25 hottest celebrity females who have tattoos, making them that much hotter. Disclaimer: This list is judged by how well the girl pulls off the tattoos, how many tattoos she has, and how hot she is. This allows us not to focus on the, sometimes hotter, wrist/ankle tattoo and tramp stamp crowd. They get plenty of attention. 

Megan Fox

Placement: Shoulder Blade, Side Back, Arm, Lower Abdomen, Wrist, Ankle
The Transformers actress, or, as everyone really knows her, an Angelina Jolie with perkier boobs, is not one to be unnoticed. While some celebrities like to hide their tattoos in discrete or small areas, Fox lets them shine in the spotlight with her. Her tattoos are so prominent that they are almost never photoshopped in print appearances like magazine spreads or ad campaigns. Instead, they are almost as recognizable as the hot feline who wears them. Almost.

Jessica Alba

Placement: Tramp Stamp, Wrist, Neck
Anything that has anything to do with Jessica Alba’s skin is great in my book. And I’m assuming, everyone else’s book as well

Angelina Jolie

Placement: Shoulder Blade, Upper Arm, Lower Arms, Back, Neck, Tramp Stamp, Lower Back, Lower Abdomen, Thigh, Waist
It’s only right that we pay homage to the original Hollywood red carpet tattoo queen, though, even if it’s a little obvious. Angelina Jolie has gone from bad girl to humanitarian saint to elegant bombshell, to MILF, and her tattoos have all stayed and have hung around for the ride (and changed along the way) with her.
Placement: Forearm, Ribs, Wrist, Ankle
What makes a wildly hot girl even hotter? A tattoo. And if you’re Scarlett Johansson, even an ugly tattoo.
This South African beauty has one of the sultriest eyes around and with legs that go on for miles, Charlize Theron also adds a little element of surprise with her koi fish ankle tattoo.
Placement: Vertical Side Quote at Waist
Hayden Panettiere is only 5″1, but this miniature cutie has a tat that’s big and bold, at least in meaning. Reading “Vivere senza rimipianti,” Italian for “live without regret,” the word “rimpianti” is purposely misspelled for a fresh angle on the phrase. At least that’s what her publicist says.
Placement: Arm, Wrist, Ankle
Quirky and bodacious pop star Katy Perry also has some tats to share, not just her tits. Lucky for us, we often get a good look at them since she loves nothing more than to be wearing next to nothing. Key word here: NEXT to nothing. *Hits one of his henchmen in a rage*

Adriana Lima

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Placement: Ankle
If fantasies could come to life, they would probably all rise and look like Adriana Lima. She has everything a guy could want. That misbehaving look in her eyes and beckoning body that shrieks with ecstasy at every turn. Yep, she’s a fantasy alright (we hear she’s really a good Catholic girl who stayed a virgin until she got married in 2009).
Adding to her bad (but-really-not-bad-at-all) girl image, is her tribal-patterned ankle tattoo.
Placement: Thigh, Side Chest
This “90210” actress is like the Canadian version of Rachel Bilson. She’s tiny, brunette, and as cute as a button. She also has a nose you just want to nibble, like Rachel’s. Yeah, go ahead, do a Google Image search of both of their adorable little noses.
What Shenae has that Rachel doesn’t though, is a hot assortment of sexy tattoos. Sadly, Rachel has said that she can’t get one because “I haven’t [even] slept in the same thing for two years straight.”
…Shenae’s all we got, guys! And she’s worth a looksie.
Placement: Wrists, Neck, Tramp Stamp, Lower Back
Eva Longoria has already gotten rid of one tattoo on her wrist, which commemorated her date with San Antonio Spurs cheater Tony Parker, and there may be more tattoo laser removal appointments in the future, because this petite Latina actress has more tats that bear her ex-husband’s memory.
Take for instance the “nine” tattoo she has on her neck, which represents Parker’s jersey number.
Placement: Arms, Face, Legs….Everywhere!!!
This wouldn’t be a real tattoo girl list without the tattoo queen of Los Angeles (and the media, and Jesse James), Kat Von D. Her head to toe body doesn’t only cover her, but complements her striking body and face as well.
Placement: Wrist
Leighton Meester is so much cooler than her uppity character Blaire Waldorf on “Gossip Girl.” She’s collaborated with Cobra Starship, which already gives her enough points, and she isn’t scared to rock out a little on stage, tattoo and all. Plus, she’s hot.
Placement: Arm
Heidi Klum has always seemed like a good girl with killer curves. She’s always playing cutesy instead of sexy (though it never works, she’s always just drop dead sexy) while being interviewed or videotaped. But her innocent act doesn’t fool us horny men… we all know (hope) she’s just one devilish freaky thing.
In 2008, Klum proved the male world right by debuting a prominent tattoo on her right arm. Yeah, so it’s a graphic symbol of her husband and three children’s names in stars, but once you take away all the family values and commitment attached to the thing, the tattoo is freaking hot.

Christina Aguilera

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Placement: Arm, Neck, Tramp Stamp
Christina Aguilera’s tattoo is a little odd, but she’s hot (even as “pudgy Christina”, or as I like to call her “actually looks like a WAY above average normal woman” Christina). And she will always be hot.
Placement: Lower Abdomen, Upper Thigh, Ankle, Wrist, Breast, Shoulder Blade, Lower Back
Few chicks on this list have more tattoos than Christina Ricci. And almost none look as good with them.
Her big, round, beautiful… dough eyes seem to be set on one thing: tattoos. This pixie-faced child star and actress boasts several tattoos on her perfect body, and she knows how to rock them. Like it’s nobody’s (but mine, apparently.)
Placement: Upper Thigh, Neck, Ankle
Evan Rachel Wood is like the girl you knew in who ran the Insect Club on-campus and taught the Exotic StripTease Aerobics off-campus. She also only dated guys that looked like Cenobites, though, and didn’t give you the time of day. She wears the outward innocence of a porcelain doll, but is constantly surprising people with her dark predilections. You know, like banging Marilyn Manson for a while.
Placement: Hand, Wrists, Finger, Arms, Lower Back
The blonde/brunette/redhead actress/ex-jailbait/sex fiend/train-wreck-I-will-one-day-marry has quite a few tattoos, many of them words or phrases. And they allow for plenty of reading as you take her to the emergency room in her underwear while you repeat the phrase “f*ck this” 90 times and almost hit a tree on the way there.
The tattoo on her right wrist is a Marilyn Monroe quote that reads: “Stars, all we ask for is our right to twinkle.” (The tat pairs well with the other Marilyn Monroe quote she has on her other arm, “I restore myself when I’m alone.”)
Placement: Shoulder, Tramp Stamp, Wrist
Shannyn Sossamon has got to be the coolest and most underrated chick on this list. She plays down her sexuality with her androgynous look, but with images like this, it’s hard to not notice her.
Placement: Wrist, Fingers, Neck, Back, Ribcages, Collarbone, Hip, Shoulder, Ankle, Ears, Foot, Thigh
This unbelievably hot pop star knows a thing or do about decorating her wonderland. The singer and actress has some of the most finely placed body art in Hollywood and adorns the work of some of the most sought-after tattoo artists in the world.
Only “RiRi” can have fifteen tattoos and still be posing for classic brands like CoverGirl. Nobody pulls it off like she does.

Audrina Patridge

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Placement: Neck
Audrina Patridge was always portrayed as the edgy and tough chick on the MTV reality show “The Hills,” but this googley-eyed brunette babe is actually quite tame compared to the other majorly tatted people she runs around with (take for instance, her sister). However, that doesn’t take away from her hot body and equally hot tattoo.
Placement: Ribcage, Boob, Ear, Fingers, Lip
With Miley becoming one of the hottest topics of Hollywood, her tattoos keep growing in numbers. Even before she turned 18 she had plenty to boast. I mean, it’s not like her are known for being the pinnacle of responsibility.
Her latest tattoo is a yellow ladybug on the inside of her lip.
She also has dreamcatcher tattoo is supposed to represent protection for her four brothers and sisters but, we all know that it represents just one thing to us: sex, sex, sex and sex. She’s over 18. We can all finally say that.
Placement: Wrists, Finger, Ankle
Ashlee Simpson has been out of the limelight really ever since she married that punk in that one band who’s not around that much either named after a kind of awesomely esoteric “Simpsons” character.
But now (and only now) that they’ve had their own falling out, you can say that her husband maybe wasn’t all that bad. I mean, he did influence her to get an awesome looking peony tattoo on her wrist. Unlike the other “Love” wrist tattoo she has, this one is certified biker chick cool.
Placement: Hand
Oscar winner, screen legend, Hollywood dame. GILF Helen Mirren can also add smoking hot tattoo bearer to the list of acclaims that go on and on. The British lady got the tattoo on her hand “a very, very long time ago” when she was “very, very drunk.” Sounds like something I’d be down to watch.
Placement: Tramp Stamp
It’s true, America’s sweetheart is a real s**tty tramp whore! Well, at least in ink (and the fact that she stole another woman’s husband…fiesty!).
Julia Roberts is the least expected person on this list not only for having a tattoo, but for having a tramp stamp. Guess every lady needs a time off.
The tattoo sits right above her butt crack and has the names of her three children surrounding an illustration.
Placement: Arm, Back, Finger
Pamela Anderson, as we all know, lives and breathes sex. From her gigantic juggalos to her stripper pole thin eyebrows to her always-drunk-of-her-ass-s**tfest, the Playboy bunny and “Baywatch” babe is practically a walking poster girl for raunchy, dirty, hot, and heavy sex. Amen.
And her body art? A barbed wire tattoo. Around her arm. Hallelujah.