The Absolute Hottest NASCAR Wives and Girlfriends

The hottest wives and girlfriends are the gorgeous ladies who stand by while their men compete in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series or Nationwide Series. See these in a steamy slideshow here. For the most part, NASCAR drivers typically are not as good looking at other mainstream athletes, but as these drivers’ wives and girlfriends prove, that does not stop them from marrying or dimes.

Similar to the hottest wives and girlfriends, the hottest NASCAR WAGs include a variety of women from beauty to well-known actresses to reality stars to just stunning women.

Jeff Gordon’s wife, Ingrid Vandebosch, is not only an established model but also one of the most beautiful women on this list. Of course she has some fierce competition from model and  Niki Taylor, who is married to Burney Lamar, actress Ashley Judd, wife to Dario Franchitti, and Krissie Newman, the beautiful brunette wife of Ryan Newman.

But any good wives and girlfriends list would not be complete without the many girlfriends of those athletes who’ve played the field. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is considered the most eligible bachelor of NASCAR and along the way has dated the likes of Illustrated swimsuit model and Bachelorette Emily Maynard, among many others.

The sport of NASCAR may not be for everyone but these show us that professional race car drivers certainly enjoy the perks of being a mainstream athlete.

Check out these NASCAR babes now. These NASCAR hotties will start your engines!

Jordan Fish

Ingrid Vandebosch

Jeff Gordon’s wife

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Marisa Miller

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s girlfriend

Buffy Waltrip

Michael Waltrip’s wife

Emily Maynard

Lynne Allmendinger

Tara Roquemore

Ashley Judd

Dario Franchitti’s wife

Trisha Mears

Kate Edwards

Carl Edwards’ wife

Katie Kenseth

Erin Bates

Brian Vickers’s girlfriend

Niki Taylor

Burney Lamar’s wife

Athena Barber

Samantha Sarcinella

Nicole Biffle

Courtney Sauter

Eva Busch

Kurt Busch’s wife

Krissie Newman

Chandra Johnson

Crystal Hornish

Sam Hornish Jr.’s wife

Kim Burton

Delana Harvick

Connie Freydell

Sherry Pollex