The Best Disney Memes of All Time

List of the funniest on the , including Disneyland and Disney World memes. If you’re a fan of Disney then you probably have a great sense of humor, as the and are both compelling and at the same time. That being said, it’s always entertaining to poke fun at what you love from time to time. The Disney memes on this list are a commentary about the princesses in the movies, about the theme parks, and much more. Vote for the Disney jokes that made you laugh the hardest, and downvote any that you didn’t enjoy.

Dark matter matters

Anyone else?

Oh no, we gotta get out!

That’s why it’s better to sing in a bathroom

They do it in Galavant, too

Good point

Poor Mickey…

Grumpy at Disney

Snow White

50 Shades of Mermaids

Disneyland isn’t all you expect it to be

Yes, mice have legs

Even if not going to the Lion’s Den… be prepared

Frozen in a Nutshell

Witches always promoted organic stuff

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife

Well, being sexy in a isn’t NSFW

Yo, muthah, ah own ya!

50 Shades of Scorn

And your wishes go BOOM

Going to Didney Worl…. drunk


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