The Funniest Alarm Clock Memes


Alarm clocks. Unfortunately you can’t live without them. Well, I suppose you could if you never had anywhere to be and really didn’t have a reason to get out of bed in the morning. And that’s just sort of sad. Though they are essential, pretty much everyone hates alarm clocks. Luckily, your friendly, neighborhood Internet is here to show you that you aren’t alone in your hatred of alarm clocks and maybe, just maybe, these alarm clock might have you singing a different tune . So before you go to sleep tonight and have your life ruined again tomorrow morning by an alarm clock, enjoy this collection of alarm clock and jokes. Seriously, you don’t want to hit the snooze button on these because they might save your alarm clock’s life one day.

Scumbag Owner

Every. Single. Time.

What a Trooper

Danger Zone

Happy !

To Catch a Sleep Predator

Alarm Clock Inception

Heaven vs Hell

Prison Cell

Super Tacky

Putting Your Foot Down


First World Alarm Clock Problems

An Alarming Revelation

Serious Case of the Mondays

Alarm Clock Negotiations

Alarm Clock Face


You’re Bacon Me Crazy

Dream Timing Is Everything

Swan Song

Blinded by the Light

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