The Greatest "Anti-Protest" Protest Signs Ever

Lots of Americans have plenty of opinions on all manner of . And when Americans want to be heard, they can protest. And when protest, they often bring signs. It all makes sense. What makes a little bit less sense are the protesters who bring signs to basically protest protesting.
Still following? Ok. Then it’s time to check out this list of awesomely funny protest signs. They’re quite literally a “sign of the times” right now in .
I Love Lamp

Grasping at Straws

A Sign of the Times

Geez Louise!

Time for Change

A of Violence

Cake My Day

Canadian Protest

Holiday Jeers

I’m Lovin’ It

Hoot and Holler

All or Nothing

The Dude Abides

Generic Protest Marketing

Yer a Protester, Harry

Pretty Good Sign

I Immediately Regret This Decision

Flour Power

Protest Anger Management

Crystal Clear

Words with Friends

Oh the Irony

Be Very Afraid

Transforming Opinions

I Sea Your Point

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