The Most Cringeworthy Christmas Puns


There’s nothing merrier than a good pun! Do you sometimes find yourself desperately attempting to repress your laughter as everyone else is rolling their eyes at a dumb pun that you secretly find ? Do you have an annual alter-ego who just can’t get enough of eye roll-inducing Christmas puns and funny Santa every time the holiday season rolls around? Well if so, you’ve come to the right place because we’re about to unleash some of the most ridiculous Christmas jokes and horrible holiday puns ever known to man!
Here you’ll find everything from short jokes to holiday puns so bad we dare you not to groan. Dreading going to your company’s yearly mind-numbing holiday bash? Why not get liven up this year by showing up with a couple of bottles of wine and handful of these corny Christmas jokes that’ll do nothing if not loosen the mood! Going to a party full of where you’re usual R-rated humor may or may not be appropriate? We say, no problemo! If there’s anyone who can appreciate a good Christmas pun, it’s kids, so stock up on a few of the bad boys you’ll find below!
Whether you’re into , are looking for a laugh, or are just in the market for a few good old fashioned corny ice breakers, we’ve got you covered with plenty of punny one liners for kids of all ages!

This Must Be a Nerd’s Christmas Tree

There’s Always That One Guy Who Just Can’t Resist

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Thanks Folks, This Tree’ll Be Here All Night!

What Do You Call a Christmas Tree That Sings?

What Do Hip-Hop Artists Decorate Their Gifts with at Christmas?

The Non-Baker’s DIY Gingerbread House

What Does Santa Use to Keep from Getting Sick on Christmas Eve?

If Christopher Walken Ever Made a Christmas Album What Would He Call It?

Who Will Pull This Alcoholic Santa’s Sleigh on Christmas? His Rain-Beers!

“Dachshund Through the Snoooooow…”

Pun Husky Rides Again!

If Beyonce Made a Really Bad Christmas Album What Would She Name It?

What dDd the Oregano Say to the Nutmeg at Christmastime?

Wishing You a Maury Christmas and a Happy

This One Goes Out to Santa’s B-Team Reindeer, Stash-er

Is It Santa? Is It a Centaur? No! It’s Santaur!

Amateur Stand-Up Reindeer Just Can’t Help Himself…

Fleas Navi-

What Do You Call the Silent Knight’s Trusty Sidekick?

How Does Darth Vader Always Know What Everyone’s Getting for Christmas?

Bethlehem Beat: Tonight at 11

Now You Know What Dasher and Dancer Do for Money During the Months

That One Wise Man Who Also Happened to Be a Wiseass

Get It? GET IT?

Brace Your Elves…

The Most Cheerful “For Lease” Sign Ever!

, This Person Has a Pet Elf!

What Do You Call Jay Z When He’s in the Christmas Spirit?