The Most Hilarious And Over-The-Top Fenty Beauty Reviews On The Internet

did not come to play when she created Fenty Beauty. Her inclusive, professional-level range, launched in 2017, is full of cult-favorite products including her heavenly Pro Filt’r Foundation and universally flattering Stunna Lip Paint.
Fenty Beauty fans did not come to play, either — especially when it comes to their no-holds-barred product reviews. A quick look through the Fenty Beauty site shows that fans of the brand are paying Rihanna back for her empowering products with incredible, , and over-the-top product reviews that are basically mini-marketing campaigns in and of themselves.
Take, for instance, the review of Riri’s Trophy Wife highlighter that says, “I bought Trophy Wife and can I just say, my life has not been the same since. My skin is clear, my crops are watered, I found a husband and had 2.5 , got my degree 3 years early. I’m telling you this highlighter is the TRUTH.” If that doesn’t make you want to swipe right on some Trophy Wife, what will?
Feast your eyes on these Fenty Beauty reviews and get ready to cry with laughter, reapply your mascara, and whip out your credit card to get yourself some of that Fenty Beauty goodness.

  1. Why Be Humble When You Can Just Wear Pro Filt’r Foundation?

  2. Postcard From The Moon: “That Highlight Tho!”

  3. Foundation So Good You Can Get Dressed *After* You Do Your Makeup

  4. Two Words: Amaze-Balls

  5. Even Husbands With No Filter Approve Of Pro Filt’r

  6. Fenty On The Skin, Must Be Love On The Brain

  7. Sun-Kissed

  8. Give It Up For Rihanna And Her Perfect Line Of Makeup

  9. TFW You’ve Died And Gone To Gloss Heaven

  10. What Else Did You Expect From Bad Gal Riri?

  11. When You’re Cheap AF But Fenty Beauty Is Worth It

  12. When Rihanna Confirms What You Already Knew Was True (You’re Gorgeous)

  13. Want To Feel Like A Bad Bish? Buy Stunna Lip Paint

  14. All This Reviewer Has To Say Is, “I’m Shooketh”

  15. Gotta Catch ‘Em All

  16. A Pool Of Fenty Beauty Highlight Actually Sounds

  17. Thanks, Mom

  18. Who Wouldn’t Spend Their Life Savings On Fenty Beauty?

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