The Most Hilarious School Signs Ever

Class is in session! The subject? signs that will make you laugh every time. Check out this collection of that are posted by schools… and the occasional liquor store getting in on the back-to-school bandwagon. Some of the school signs you’ll see are a total , and whoever posted them definitely needs to brush up on their education. Some signs are definitely pranks made by students, while others are genuine placement mistakes.  
This Liquor Store Is Even Getting into the Spirit
This Bumper Sticker Is So Wrong on So Many Levels
Walgreens, Is That Really What You Consider Back-to-School Supplies?!
Well, That’s One Thing to Refer to Your Problem Child As
Now THAT’S a Parent Night We Can All Get Behind!
Maybe It Would Be Best to Skip That Exam…
Gotta Love Their Creative Use of Backwards 3’s
Hunting Season
A Liquor Store Preparing for Back-to-School
Hopefully, Whoever Made That Sign Will Be in Attendance
You Only Had One Job…
This One Is Just Plain Cruel
Blaze on ‘Til Your Day’s Gone, Students
This School Bathroom Is Here to Make You Feel Bad
This One Must Be Near a College
One Student One-Ups Another Art Student
Wow, Schools Are Really Cracking Down on Truancies These Days
Are the Children Whores? Or Are Their Mothers?
This One Goes Out to All the Single Substitute Teachers Out There
Clearly, the Sign Maker Never Won the Spelling Bee
The Greatest Senior Prank
You’ll Be Next, Mudbloods
Unless You Have School, of Course
Trust Us, . No One Is Happy in Middle School
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