The Most WTF Gifts You Can Buy On Groupon


Groupon is the place to go to get great local restaurant, spa, and deals… but it’s also the home of some truly weird and downright deals. These strange, daily deals can actually make the perfect gift for that quirky person in your life who loves all things odd, or if you’re looking to mix things up yourself. From a naked magic show, Golden Girls drag show, phone pet psychic sessions, and dining in the dark (like total pitch blackness) there’s truly something for everyone as far as Groupons for weird stuff. We’ve combed Groupon for the ultimate of weird Internet coupons, and come up with some truly ~unique~ deals that you can actually purchase. Check out the list below and vote up the most WTF gifts you can buy on Groupon!

For the One Who Wants to Have a Good Time While They’re Sitting Down

This “bouncy seat with a firm jelly dong at the center” is definitely more exciting than riding a mechanical bull.
Try it out for yourself if you dare, with the Groupon offer here.

For the Feline Lover

Let your cat lounge in style with this ultimate cat hammock, complete with an print hammock bed. Because why buy a regular bed when you can spoil your beloved cat with a hammock?
Get it on Groupon here.

For Your Single Aunt Who Needs a Little Excitement in Her Life

Come one, come all, step right up for the naked magic show! What’s better than a bunny coming out of a hat? This show will answer that question.
Get your Groupon tickets here for a limited time only.

For the Force-Sensitive Geek in Your Life

Yes, there is such a thing as a Jedi Academy, and yes, you can take lightsaber fighting classes there.
Become one with the Force or embrace your inner dark side with this Groupon deal.

For the St. Patrick’s Day Bro

For the guy who wants to show off his abs while he simultaneously scares you with a creepy leprechaun face, this Groupon special is the perfect pot o’ gold under the rainbow.
Get it (for a limited time only!) here.

For the One Who Wants to Drop It Like It’s Hot

Where to even begin with this one? If you want to pass the hot potato or drop it like it’s hot, what better way then with a literal potato? According to the description, you can, “Delight and prank your friends and family with an anonymous delivery of a potato that displays a personal , such as ‘here’s a potato.'”
Get a deal on this custom, hand-delivered potato here.

For the One Who Wants an Otherworldly Experience

If you want to believe, look no further – because here’s their bold claim:
“What you’ll experience: fascination, disbelief, denial, and—like the Sixth Stage of Grief—eventual belief in .”
Get up close and personal with the extraterrestrial and buy your Groupon tickets here.

For the Cold Beer Lover

“Holding a cold beverage is a leading cause of frostbite and a less embarrassing cause of frostbite to tell your about than tickling a snowman. Keep extremities extra warm with today’s Groupon to Sküüzi.”

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You can never go wrong with a cold drink holder as a gift if your beer-guzzling friend lives in a cold climate. Once available on Groupon here, you can still get the  Sküüzi here.

For the One Who Wants to Be the Best Pet Parent

Found in the actual description, under Features: “Holds , , and DMV employees weighing up to 20 pounds.” WTF Groupon?
You can get the car seat for your pup, kitten, or DMV employee  here, if you so desire.

For the One Who Has It All – Except for a Beard

Get nature’s own ultimate ski mask here.

For Your Neighbor Whose Dog Won’t Stop Barking

“Patty Schaller has always had psychic powers. Though she knows her field is obscure, and ‘[most people] think you’re nuts when you tell them,’ that hasn’t deterred her from helping people and pets with psychic readings and other supernatural services.”
Get your exclusive pet reading (over the phone, because that makes perfect sense) here for a limited time only.

For the Escape Artist

What more challenging room to escape from then the Crazy Cat Escape Room? Also, what even is this?
If you really need it, you can find out and purchase your Groupon ticket here… may the odds of escape be ever in your favor.

For the Who Want the Most Unique Name for Their Child

This isn’t yet available, but who wouldn’t want Groupon staff to name your baby? And for the low, low price of $1,000.
You can find this custom naming deal here.

For the One in Need of a Little Lift

Groupon is really, ahem, baring it all and taking a leaf out of Kim K’s booty lift book (minus the plastic surgery).
Get this booty-full Groupon deal here.

For Those Who Can’t Be Bothered to Grind Their Own Pepper

Pesky pepper grinder got you down? Behold the epitome of laziness – this one touch grinder prevents you from actually doing any physical work.
Get it on Groupon here.

For the Food Aficionado

Dine with a date in UTTER PITCH BLACKNESS. If you’re ready to spill food on clothes you don’t care about and risk your digits by wielding sharp utensils, then snap up this limited time deal, available on Groupon here.

For the Diehard Golden Girls Fan

What finer Groupon deal could you ask for then a Golden Girls drag parody?
Experience  Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia like you’ve never seen them before and purchase a Groupon ticket here.

For the Sports Enthusiast

This “beginner-friendly hybrid of golf and where kick soccer balls along fairways aiming for super-sized holes” is the perfect gift for the golf and soccer lover in your life. Or it could be the worst idea ever.
It’s up to you to buy the Groupon and decide.

For the One Who Keeps Self-Sabotaging

Maybe they’ve just got a subconscious block going on. Look no further and gift them with a personalized Reiki session here.
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