The Silliest Sand Sculptures Ever Built

The best part about going to the beach isn’t getting in the water and going for a swim. No sir, that’s where the sharks, jellyfish, and sea ghosts live. The safest bet for having fun at the beach is actually on land. That’s where all manner of sand castles, sand , and sand sculptures live. If the image in your head right now is of your standard plastic cup-based castle, you better adjust your expectations because the beach sand sculptures on this list are not only awe inspiring, they’re also super . From silly nude sculptures to a workable beer pong table, the funny sand castles on this list will make you laugh, and hopefully inspire you to take advantage of your very own sandy canvass the next time you take a trip to the beach.

Funny sand castles can come in all shapes in sizes. Some prefer to build intricate sculptures with funny double entendres, while other sand artists like to bury their friends in the sand with appendages. Whatever your beach sculpture style, making your sand art funny is always the way to go. But if you’re going to go out and make some sand art, remember to take a once your masterpiece is finished. The tide is the cruelest of all art critics, and has no compunctions about dashing your hilarious sand expression to bits. Take a moment and comb through this list and vote up the sand sculptures that have ever hit the beach!

This Is Why We Need Trees on the Beach

Right to Arm Bears

Nothing to See Here, Just a Dragon Munching on a Beach Comber

Sick Ferrari Bro

Duff, Donuts, and a Dope Seascape Are All Homer Needs

This Is Way Too Philosophical for a Sand Sculpture

Who Left the Banana Truck on the Beach?

An Accurate Depiction of Every Desk Drawer

An Accurate Portrayal of All Clowns

Boy, the Is Everywhere These Days

Are Sand Sculptures Worried About Tan Lines?

Yep, Just a Normal Trip to the Dentist

Bite My Sandy Metal A$$

Does the Taste Crunchy to You?

TMW the Pizza Delivery Person Arrives

I Apologize for Nothing

What a Sandy Sucker Punch


The Colbert Nation Lives!


There’s Nothing Like a Basket of Beach Potatoes


Someone Has Definitely Crashed on This Couch

Ready for Some Sand Pong Bro?

Who Knew They Had Beaches at Chernobyl?

Pupasauras Rex

And the Award for Chilliest Sand Castle Goes to…

What Would I Pay to Spend a Day Warm on the Sand?

All Hail Queen Neputuna!

That Sphinx Is Looking Haggard Lately

How Do They Know What We Look Like?

Dude, You Might Need to Change Your Diet

Wishful Thinking

Blue Crush 3 Was Kind of a Let Down

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