The Worst Olympic Injuries of All Time

Every two years the world comes together to witness one of the greatest spectacles known to man: The  Games. And while it’s not fun to think about, one of the inevitabilities of a high level competition like this is that someone is going to get hurt. Sports injuries are especially painful to watch because they rarely look like something that the athlete can walk away from. The sad fact of the matter is that most of the who got hurt in the Olympics were either never able to compete again at the same level, or their bodies were completely wrecked, rendering them little more than a warning post to future Olympians. Hopefully you’re not squeamish, because the following Olympic injuries were all very painful.
Trying to determine who suffered the worst Olympic injuries is kind of like arguing over which bullet wound is the worst. They all hurt, and more than likely they all changed the athlete’s life. Some of the athletes that are covered on here managed to survive their bad Olympic injuries and return to compete four years later, but a few of these athletes completely lost their abilities, and a couple of them even died. Continue reading to find out about these terrible injuries in sports, and see just how much these athletes dedicate their bodies to the Olympic Games.

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