What Do You Think Is Really Behind Kanye's Breakdown?

When was hospitalized following a mental breakdown during his Saint Pablo tour, the rumor mill exploded with theories about why he had canceled all of his remaining shows. He’s said plenty of wild things and had his share of public outbursts before, but this is different. Why did Kanye end up in the hospital? Did his exhaustion become so extreme that he couldn’t handle being on tour anymore? Was he finally mourning his mother’s death? Or are the reasons for Kanye West’s breakdown more complicated?
What’s up with Kanye? It’s not an uncommon question, but when the artist behind some of the hardest bangerz of the last decade is hospitalized under mysterious circumstances, that question takes on an entirely new quality. It’s entirely plausible that a performer of his caliber buckled under the weight of his commitments, the everyday stresses of being a father, and the constant presence of the media. It’s also possible Kanye is deliberately following in the footsteps of to whom he has compared himself.
Out of all the theories about Yeezy’s mental , one of the that no one has mentioned is that this might be a way for West to have a brief holiday from all of his jobs. Posting up inside Cedars-Sinai doesn’t really sound like a great way to spend a relaxing weekend, however. It’s time for you to put your Burberry deerstalkers on and figure out what’s happening with Kanye West. Vote up the things you think contributed most to Kanye West’s breakdown and hospitalization.

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