This Guy Documented His Creepy Encounters With A Strange Deformed Ghost Baby On Twitter


Have you heard the story of the dead baby with a dented head on ? His name is Dear David, and he haunted Adam Ellis in his sleep. Instead of seeing a therapist or calling his local ghost hunters, Ellis took to and turned his personal haunting into a Twitter haunting.
According to Adam, the whole thing started when he had a dream about a creepy dead baby who has a particular way that he likes to be spoken to. As with most scary stories that get out of hand, Adam didn’t play by those rules and now he’s living in a haunted apartment. Understandably, after he started posting his story to Twitter, people were skeptical, but when the story started escalating over the course of a few weeks, his readers felt like Adam was telling the truth.
You wouldn’t be alone if you thought that Adam was trying to tell some kind of post-modern creepypasta via Twitter, or make a commentary about storytelling in the 21st century. But the longer Adam’s story goes on, the less it feels like it has a “gotcha” moment, and the more it seems like a man simply trying to document a creepy occurrence in his apartment.
As you read his story you’ll see how every day occurrences can be interpreted to have more meaning than they actually do, and you’ll see some very  videos that may prove the existence of the supernatural. Keep reading and see if you believe Adam’s story about the dead baby haunting his apartment.

The Ghost Appears In A Dream

So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he’s trying to kill me. (thread)
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017He started appearing in dreams, but I think he’s crossed over into the real world now.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017 

The Ghost Looks… Wrong

He had a huge misshapen head that was dented on one side. I did my best to draw it:
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017 

The Dead Baby Moves

For a while he just stared at me, but then he got out of the chair and started shambling toward the bed.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017 

A Few Nights Later, Adam Learns The Dead Baby’s Name

I had another dream a few nights later, where I was in a library and a girl came up to me and said, “You’ve seen Dear David, haven’t you?”
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017 

Adam Discovers Dear David Plays By A Particular Set Of Rules

She continued, “He’s dead. He only appears at midnight, and you can ask him two questions if you said ‘Dear David’ first.”
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017Then she added, “But never try to ask him a third question, or he’ll kill you.”
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017 

A Few Nights Later, Adam Asks Dear David Some Questions

Then, David came back in another dream. Same situation—I was in bed, and he was sitting in the rocking chair near the window, staring at me.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017In the dream, I say, “Dear David, how did you die?” He mumbles, “An accident in a store.”
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017I say, “Dear David, what happened in the store?” He groans, “A shelf was pushed on my head.”
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017I’m frozen with fear. I ask, “Who pushed the shelf?” David doesn’t answer.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017I realize that I’ve asked a third question, which I’m not supposed to do. At that point, I wake up, absolutely terrified.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017 

After Moving Into A New Apartment, Something Starts Happening

For the past 4 nights, my gather at the front door at exactly midnight & just stare at it, almost like something is on the other side.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 7, 2017 

Adam Takes A Photo Through His Peephole

Is it just me or is is there something in the first photo, right where the bannister meets the shelves? Hiding on the stairs.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 9, 2017 

Understandably Freaked Out, Adam Hides In His Apartment

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I deadbolted the lock and got in bed because I don’t know what else to do. I can still hear my meowing at the door.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 9, 2017I am pretty scared.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 9, 2017 

Adam Tries To Protect Himself From Dear David

I don’t even know if this is the right kind of salt.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 11, 2017 

Adam Records Himself In His Sleep

I used a sound app to record my apartment last night. It makes individual recordings each time it hears something. There were 33 recordings.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 11, 2017The first is a snapping sound & what seems like a single step. It’s odd because I didn’t get out of bed all night.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 11, 2017 

Adam Finds Something Odd In A Polaroid Taken In His Hallway

I bought a Polaroid camera this weekend, because they’re fun and dorky. I decided to take a few photos around my apartment.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 14, 2017The Polaroid developed completely black.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 14, 2017 

It’s Time To Sage The Apartment

Folks have been urging me to get some sage, so did.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 15, 2017 

Adam Goes Back To The Drawing Board

Sage did not work.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 15, 2017 

Dear David Returns, But Something Is Different

I haven’t dreamed about David in a few months, but he appeared again last night.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 15, 2017He was smaller this time. Almost shrunken. He didn’t do or say anything except look at me.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 15, 2017 

David Comes To Life

All this ghost stuff has been spooky, but this past weekend was the first time I actually felt unsafe in my home. (thread)
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 21, 2017I had a dream that night where David was dragging me by the arm through an old abandoned warehouse.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 21, 2017I’d woken up with a huge bruise on my arm.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) August 21, 2017 

Adam Has Another Dream About David

This might be long, but stick with me. Last night I dreamed about him again. It was almost exactly the same as the first time I saw him.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7, 2017In the dream, I saw him in a chair again. I don’t have the green chair in my room anymore—this time it was a recliner I’ve had for years.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7, 2017He was staring right at me, just like the first time. Again, I felt paralyzed & could barely move. But this time, something was different.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7, 2017I still felt mostly immobile, but I could squirm a just little bit. I felt more alert. I could move my hands somewhat.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7, 2017David glared at me, and I dreaded what I knew was coming. He was going to get out of the chair and come toward me, like before.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7, 2017I had to do something. I keep my phone next to me on the bed, and I somehow managed to get ahold of it.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7, 2017I thought, “If David is going to kill me, maybe I can at least get evidence on my phone.” I started snapping in the dark.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7, 2017 

Adam Takes Some Terrifying Photos
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7,
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7, 2017This is the one that made my heart drop.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 7, 2017 

Noises Come From Upstairs

To refresh your memory, I live in a duplex. I used to live on the first floor, and now I live on the second floor. It’s a long boxy building that looks like this:
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 18, 2017There’s no real way to ease into this so I’ll just say it: there’s a mysterious hatch in my hallway. I’ve always known about it, but I just assumed it opened directly to the roof.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 18, 2017But over the past week and a half, I’ve been hearing more things above me. A few days after the first sound, I heard a similar thump while I was in the kitchen. Then last night, I heard something small clink to the floor and roll about 6 feet before stopping.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 18, 2017Something is going on up there. Maybe it’s a raccoon? But maybe it’s not. I also can’t get over the fact that the hatch is in such a weird, inaccessible place over the stairs. I need to investigate, I’m just not sure how right now.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 18, 2017 
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Something Falls Out Of The Hatch

Here’s the
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 29, 2017I jumped out of the way and practically fell down the stairs trying to dodge whatever it was that fell. At first I thought it was a dead squirrel, which would honestly explain a lot. It hit the steps and bounced down to the first floor.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 29, 2017I went upstairs to get my phone and collapse the pole, since it’s so long and unwieldy, then went back downstairs to investigate the object that fell. At first I wasn’t even sure what it was. It was a dingy, faded black.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 29, 2017I picked it up and realized what it was. It was a small leather shoe.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 29, 2017 

Adam’s Landlord Investigates

I hustled back upstairs and texted my landlord. I told him I thought there was something in the crawlspace and asked if he could investigate. He said he’d come by later with a ladder and check it out.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 29, 2017A few hours later my landlord was on a ladder, shining a flashlight into the crawlspace, I stared up at him, half expecting something to grab him and yank him into the darkness. He angled his flashlight all around and finally saying, “There’s nothing up here.”
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 29, 2017But then he was like, “Oh, wait.” I watched as he reached up into the emptiness with his free arm, and when he pulled it back he had something small and round in his hand. He climbed down the ladder and handed it to me.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 29, 2017Again, I wasn’t quite sure what I was looking at. It was smooth and shiny and at first I thought it was an old piece of candy, but it was cold and too heavy to be candy. After a second I realized it was a marble.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 29, 2017It was so worn that it hadn’t registered as a marble at first. Its shape was also sort of weird, with a little bump on one end.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 29, 2017I had nothing to go on, and In short I didn’t really learn much. But I did figure out the bump on the marble, I think. Apparently in the early 1900s they made marbles by hand and cut them with big metal scissors, which would mean the marble is probably really old?
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) November 29, 2017 

Something Feels Wrong

But last week something started to happen. Late on Wednesday, I woke up with a start and felt something strange, like something had just been watching me. I turned on the light but I was alone.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017Still, there was this a tangible feeling of… badness? Everything felt wrong, sort of like when you have the flu and you wake up at night and can’t really tell where you are for a minute.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017It was a feeling I’m used to—it always accompanies David. People tweet at me a lot saying he might just need help, but I’m certain that’s not the case. Every time he shows up, I feel a palpable sense of malice.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017There’s what I felt that night. Malice. Dread. But still, I was alone. And I was so tired, I wound up just going back to sleep. I’ve been so exhausted recently I can barely function.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017The next night, the same thing happened. I woke up suddenly, feeling like I had just missed seeing something. Like a candle had just gone out and I could still smell it.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017 
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Adam Takes Some More Pictures

I thought about using the pet cam from the living room to monitor my bedroom while I slept, but the cord was too short to get the camera high enough to see the entire room. So I improvised.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017I downloaded an app that takes a photo every 60 seconds and set my phone on top of a bookcase (it’s almost 7 feet tall, so it had a pretty good view of my bed and the surrounding room). Then I went to sleep.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017Just like before, I jolted awake hours later, feeling the same unease. I turned on the light and hurried out of bed to get my phone from the bookcase. There were probably 350 photos to scroll through.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017 

Good Luck Sleeping After Seeing These

The vast majority of them were me sleeping in an empty room. It’s sort of dark but you can see me sleeping. I’d left a couple night lights on just in case anything showed up, but for the first hundred or so photos it was just me in an empty room.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13,
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017In the next photo, from a minute later, he seems to be staring straight up at the ceiling? Just staring.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017Then he appears to collapse on the chair. The next dozen photos are all the same. He’s completely lifeless. At first I’d thought he was dead, which obviously doesn’t make any sense. I looked over at the chair half expecting him to still be there but it was empty.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017About 15 photos later, he was back, standing next to the bed. It was just like the last time I saw him.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017He was on the bed. Inches from me, staring down at me sleeping.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017The next one was worse. In the next photo, he’s staring right at the camera.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017Here’s the final photo on the scroll.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) December 13, 2017 

David Follows Adam To Montana

I went home to Montana for the holidays, and almost immediately I started to feel better. Less tired, less foggy. Up until now, I haven’t really entertained the thought of moving, thinking that David would probably just follow me wherever I go.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) January 3, 2018But when I left for Montana, everything seemed to improve. Like maybe David wouldn’t follow me after all. Maybe he was tied to the house, not me. Being home felt safer, and I managed to relax a little bit.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) January 3, 2018But after a few days, I started to feel strange again. One night I got up to go to the bathroom, and as I stood there in the dark, I couldn’t help feeling like there was something moving outside the bathroom window.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) January 3, 2018In the morning, as I was getting out of the shower, I glanced out the window and noticed tracks behind the garage.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) January 3, 2018I couldn’t tell what they were from the bathroom, so I got dressed, put on my coat and went outside. When I got up close, my heart practically stopped. They weren’t tracks, they were footprints. Really small footprints.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) January 3, 2018 

Back In New York, Things Get Worse

I flew back to New York the day after . Back in my apartment, it seemed like I was at square one yet again. I’ve tried everything I can think of. I’ve saged my apartment, I’ve hired a medium, nothing has worked.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) January 3, 2018And worse, I still feel him at night. Watching me from different corners of my room. Always getting closer, and waking up right before something happens.
— Adam Ellis (@moby_dickhead) January 3, 2018