This Guy Photoshops Himself Into Weirdly Intimate Pictures With Rihanna

Very few find themselves not wanting to be with , either in bed or as a bud-smoking buddy. From Drake to Shia LaBeouf to , everyone wants to be under this Barbadian babe’s umbrella of approval, so much so that people will even go to great lengths to imitate it.

Peeje T, wiz and sensation, also has love on the brain for Robyn Fenty, and fashioned that love into Rihanna photoshops. A seasoned pro at this manipulation, Peeje T photoshops Rihanna and himself side-by-side to shine together like diamonds in the sky. Honestly, anything with Rihanna in it always looks lovely, so it’s not like Peeje T needed to work extra hard here, but please recognize he’s trying, baby.

You Neeeeeeded Me

Jaws Of Love

Playing Peekaboo With Boo

Still Got My Honey

What Started Out As A Simple Altercation…

In Disturbia


My Don’t Lie

Rude Boy Got It Up

Pretty In Polaroids

I Know You Want It In The Worst Way

What Exactly Are You Willing To Do?

Phresh On The Runway

Court-Side Courtship, Baby

Seat Of Honor

Love On The Backside

He’s Here To Help Carry Her Grammys

Only Girl (In His World)

Not Exactly A California King But It’ll Do

Shut Up And Ride

Lemme Get That

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