Transgender People On Their Reassignment Surgery Outcomes

Transitioning physically from one gender to an other is never an easy process. There is emotional and physical recovery that can take a lot of time.
As the world becomes more LGBTQ friendly, are naturally more curious, and the trans community was kind enough to answer a few questions about their gender reassignment surgeries on reddit. What does it look like? How does it feel? What do people you have with think about it? Here’s how post-op people describe and feel about their new bodies.

Looks fine, feels the same, but “not as stretchy”

“[Male-to-female, two years post-op] It looks fine. Can’t do as much with it as a cis woman because it’s not as stretchy but that’s not a big deal. I’ve been told it feels exactly the same and it’s nice not having to worry about getting pregnant ever. That means with a trusted partner, it’s no condoms no worries.” 

For female-to-male transitions, surgeries aren’t good enough yet

“As someone who is female-to-male (FtM), one thing that bothers me the most is my lack of a penis. But like many others, unless the surgeries far advance, I won’t be having bottom surgery. The results are far too risky to even consider for me, even though my lack of a penis causes me great distress on a daily basis.”

The orgasms are awesome, but different

“It took a while to re-learn how [to have an orgasm] because it’s easier to lose it. Unlike if you have a penis, there isn’t the “no point of return” thing. You have to want to do it. That said, it feels f*cking great. …It’s definitely different, more whole-body tensing. Mind you, trans women who want the surgery might not have the same positive feelings about doing stuff pre-op as men do. Taking estrogen for a good while also means weaker orgasms prior to surgery. “
No post-orgasm sensitivity, but the same loss of interest in sex. Though not quite as strongly.”

“Way better than the former set-up”

“I genuinely don’t know how my junk’s performance measures to other people’s as I can only go off my own experience.
That being said, I love my new junk compared to the old arrangement.
After being on hormones [male-to-female] for about seven years, my former genitals had suffered severely from ED and barely worked…
Post-op and fully healed, my vag works way better than the former set up. I have more feeling and the orgasms are way better.”

Lost tissue, has scars from post-op complications

     “I’m about ten months post-op (male-to-female). I was unlucky to be in the less than 20% of  people that have complications. I lost most of my lower labia majoras, and my scars are still a little pink.”


Requires a lot of work, but totally worth it

“[Male-to-female, 2.5 years post-op] I don’t self lubricate, so I need to always add lube to avoid friction. Dilation is required to keep its depth by stretching my internal walls – skipping this will cause it to shrink.
The week spent in hospital and the months of recovery was definitely worth it in the end for me.”

Works well, but not happy with it’s appearance

” I am personally not very happy with the result. I went to see a world renowned surgeon in the field. Everyone I have had sex with says the results are great, but I am still not happy with it. I think it’s mostly because my expectations were too high. Just for breast augmentation, for example, the results are never as perfect as the thing; they don’t feel exactly the same, don’t react the same… Now vaginoplasty is not only a much bigger operation, it’s also a lot less common, thus less development is being made in that field. Performance-wise, I have no issues… It’s mostly the feel at the touch and also the detailed look that I am not happy with, but as I said, it’s mostly due to my expectations that were just too high.”

Tiny, but its existence is enough

“[Female to male]  I’ve only had this configuration for a few months, so not many people have seen it yet… I’m fine if people see I have a small dick. As long as they know I have one.”

Not entirely functioning, but with perks

“[Female to male]  (My balls) aren’t functional. But at least I can’t get testicular cancer!”

A ton of new and confusing sensations to get used to

“Sensation is really, really when it’s developing, so it can actually be difficult to determine what exactly I’m sensing. Add to that the fact that there are two different kinds of sensation (tactile and erotic), which come from different nerve hookups (clitoris for erotic, and thigh/groin for tactile), and some spots have one but not the other. So it’s not easy to know exactly what’s going on when I feel stuff.
All that said, though, I can use it to get off, and can definitely feel it in my hand when I do so… that’s all I really need to be happy as far as sensation goes. Everything else is icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned.”

Regained feeling much sooner than expected

“[My phalloplasty] is  definitely still changing, so it’s difficult to talk about what level of sensation I have.
I was mentally prepared for it to be numb for the better part of a year, so I was really happy when I first noticed it at about four or five months post-op.
There are some areas that are mostly/entirely numb. The left side doesn’t have a lot of sensation.”

Just like the real thing

” UK MtF here, one-year post-op… I’ve had a gynecologist tell me its near identical to a natal vagina. I’m in a lesbian relationship, and neither of us are that into physical stuff so not really given it a test run in that respect. Overall I’m pretty pleased. 10/10 would remove balls again.”
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