30 Awesome TV and Movie Themed Desserts

shows and inspire us to live our dreams, travel, fall in love, and of course, throw awesome themed parties. There’s no better excuse to decorate your home, demand your friends dress up, and hit the kitchen to create treats that will live up to your favorite TV show and -watching standards.
First step: What TV show or movie have you chosen to inspire your party? There are sooo many to choose from: True BloodSaved By The BellFrozen? Maybe Orange is the New Black is more your style? Our list covers Ned Stark (from ) cake pops, Breaking Bad “meth”-filled cupcakes, Mad Men cookies, and everything in between. From TV show to other delicious movie themed food, these yummy bites will have your friends begging for another Netflix marathon (and your awesome cake recipes).
To help with the inspiration, we’ve included some crazy over the top movie and TV show cakes that will make your jaw drop. For those party throwers that are, uh, less skilled, don’t worry. We’ve got some movie and TV food ideas that you can do too. You’ll still be able to impress your guests! There are even extra movie cake decorations you can buy to spruce up the delicious cake recipes you make.
So, put down the remote and pick up that whisk, you’ve got some cooking to do! These cool cakes and cupcakes aren’t going to make themselves! Vote for the dessert that left you craving a sequel and vote down cake designs that wouldn’t even make the ratings chart.

Lego Movie Cake

This Lego Movie Batman cake is AWESOME!

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

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The best character from Sesame Street is your new favorite dessert. Try these Cookie Monster cupcakes at your next party.

Friends Cake

Perfect for an engagement party, a birthday party, or just a regular Friday night at home with Netflix and your best friends: Chandler, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel, and Ross. It takes some skill with fondant, but you can always just send a pic to your local bakery and let them work their magic.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

You might want to eat this sorting hat instead of put in on your head like they do in the Harry Potter series. The inside is made of chocolate butter cream. That sounds like pure magic to us!

Peanuts Gang Cake Pops

These Peanuts Gang cake pops are so cute we don’t want to eat them. But then again… CAKE!

Breakfast At Tiffany’s Petit Fours

These little blue petit fours resemble the little blue boxes at Tiffany & Co. Naturally, they’re a perfect thing to serve at any Breakfast at Tiffany’s-inspired party.

Game of Thrones Cake

Winter is coming. If you think you need more than some Ned Stark cake pops, try staying warm with this elaborate Game of Thrones cake.

Superman Cake

A little Clark Kent, and little Superman. We’ll take it all, in addition to this Superman-inspired cake.

Wizard of Oz Cupcake

The Wicked Witch Didn’t fare so well, but her loss is your gain! Especially when you celebrate with these upside down Wizard of Oz cupcakes.

Wheel of Fortune Cake

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Know someone who’s obsessed with late afternoon TV game shows? This Wheel of Fortune-inspired cake is sure to fire up their competitive (and hungry) spirit.

Up! Cupcakes

This recipe uses candy melts to create the cute balloons inspired by ’s Up! So unbelievably cute!
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Dexter Cake

You’ll want to cross the scene tape to get to this delicious Dexter-themed cake. Don’t worry, this blood is edible!

Love of Star Trek Cake

Express your love of Star Trek with this heart-shaped theme cake. Live long and prosper!

Pretty Little Liars Surprise Inside Cake

It’s the one time you won’t be scared to get a message from A.

Tangled Cupcakes in Ice Cream Cones

What a perfect idea: incorporate the tower from Tangled into a dessert. To really drive home the theme: use yellow icing as Rapunzel’s hair.

Breaking Bad Cupcakes

These Breaking Bad-inspired cupcakes use crushed blue Jolly Ranchers as their secret ingredient. Just as addicting as meth, but not quite as bad for you!
Breaking Bad)

Elsa’s Frozen Trifle

This recipe for Elsa’s icy blue trifle is a perfect addition to any Frozen party.

Titanic Cupcakes

Commemorate that fateful day in 1912 with these sinking ship delicacies made from Twinkies and Tootsie Rolls. Jack Dawson would approve.

Castle Cake

Channel everyone’s favorite writer-turned-sleuth with this Castle-themed cake.

Vampire Diaries Cake

Get your vampire on with this chocolate and red syrup/blood covered cake.

Saved By The Bell Cupcakes

We will forever love Zack Morris and the Bayside gang! And you’ll love these Saved By The Bell inspired cupcakes. They definitely would have served these at “The Max.” This site’s also got some great ideas for cookies and Screech cake pops.

Glee Cupcakes

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Any “Gleek” would delight in these “Big Quench” Glee-inspired cupcakes. At least a cupcake to the face is a little less cold…

Thing 1 and Thing 2 Cat in the Hat Cupcakes

There may not be anything more adorable than these Thing 1 and Thing 2 cupcakes for a baby shower. Just top some red velvet cakes with blue cotton candy!

Big Hero 6 Marshmallow Pops

Baymax looks like a giant marshmallow, so these Big Hero 6 inspired marshmallow pops are perfect! And they’re so cute too, just like Baymax.

Game of Thrones Cake Pops

Still reeling from when Game of Thrones killed off their main character way back in season one? Commemorate Ned Stark (and his beheading) by making these delicious Ned Stark cake pops.

Orange is the New Black Cupcakes

There’s no better way to celebrate the quirkiness of Orange is the New Black than with themed cupcakes.

Mad Men Cookies

Celebrate what will definitely be an epic conclusion to Mad Men with these series-inspired cookies!

Lego Movie Cake Pops

These adorable Lego head pops are the perfect treat at a Lego Movie-inspired party.

Some Rescue, This Cake Is

True Blood Cupcakes

You’ll definitely want to take a bite out of these True Blood inspired red velvet (of course!) cupcakes.

24 Cake

Still miss the world-saving moves of Jack Bauer? Relive his glory days with this 24 countdown cake.