The Most Unbelievable True Facts Ever

Have you ever wondered what that phrase “Truth is stranger than fiction” means? Well, if you’re ready to find out, come on in. A lot of the and history we learned in are boring enough that we forgot them almost immediately. As it turns out, however, the world and its history are full of stories and mind-blowing tidbits, so we’ve gathered some of the best ones in this list of random interesting facts. Here you’ll find a group of weird facts that are so incredible, you’ll have a hard time believing that they’re all actually true. 
With this list, you’ll undeniably weird facts like which is literally older than sliced bread and which everyday object has more computing power than NASA did when they put the first man on the moon. You won’t be able to believe which video game company has been around a century longer than you’d think and you’ll be amazed by the ordinary object that’s more dangerous than a shark.
Prepare to see the world in a whole new light with this list of random interesting facts that’ll make you look like a classy intellectual, or at least the most interesting person at the party. You’ll learn fun tidbits that’ll melt your mind and maybe even win you a bet or two. So without further ado, welcome to this mind-blowing list of weird facts! Vote up the verified facts that are too astonishing to believe!

Oxford University Was Founded Before Aztec Civilization Began

Neil Armstrong Had to Go Through U.S. Customs after Returning from the Moon

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Saudi Arabia Imports Camels from Australia

Martin Luther King Jr., Anne Frank, and Barbara Walters Were Born in the Same Year

The Current U.S. Flag Was Designed by a 17-Year-Old for a School Project. He Got a B-

Tiffany & Co. Was Founded Before the Country of Italy

France Was Still Using the Guillotine for Executions When Star Wars Hit Theaters

There Are Whales Alive Who Are Older than the Book Moby Dick

If Cars Drove Upwards You Could Drive to in an Hour

Mankind Put a Man on the Moon Before We Put Wheels on Suitcases

Cleopatra Lived Closer to the Moon Landing than the Building of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Betty White Is Literally Older than Sliced Bread

More People Have Been Killed by Molasses Than by Coyotes

Harvard Was Founded Before the Invention of Calculus


Shakespeare Created the Name Jessica in The Merchant of Venice

The T-Rex Lived Closer in Time to Us than to the Stegosaurus

Pluto Was Made and Unmade a Planet Before It Completed One Orbit of the Sun

Your iPhone Has More Computing Power than NASA Used for the Moon Landing

Alaska Is Simultaneously the Most Northern, Western, and Eastern State in the U.S.

Bananas Are Actually Berries but Strawberries Are Not

The Nursery Rhyme Never Says Humpty Dumpty Was an Egg

Will Smith Is Now Older than Uncle Phil in the 1st Fresh Episode

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You’re Twice as Likely to Be Killed by a Vending Machine as by a Shark

William Howard Taft Was the Last U.S. President with Facial

More Photos Were Taken in the Last 2 Minutes than in the Entire 19th Century

Nintendo Was Founded in 1889 as a Trading Card Company

The YKK on Zippers Stands for “Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikigaisha”


There Are More Plastic Pink Flamingos than Real Ones in the U.S.

There Are Actually Two North Poles: Magnetic and Terrestrial

The Ottoman Empire Still Existed the Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series