The Most Utterly Useless Things Ever Made

Have you ever wanted to see a stairway to nowhere? How about a camouflage golf ball or a peephole on a door with a window? Well, you’re in luck, because these are just a few of the utterly useless you’ll see in this photo gallery of things that shouldn’t exist. The fact that these completely useless and inventions actually exist is oddly commendable when you realize that someone actually spent money and time to make these pointless things a reality. One might even argue that these inventions are so useless they deserve their own WikiHow articles to provide an explanation as to why they exist. It’s time to shut down the logic portion of your brain and embrace the wonder that is the most utterly useless things ever made by a human. 

This Fire Hydrant

This Gate

These Drawers

This Bike Path

This Escalator

This Bus Chair

This Fire Exit

This Balcony

This Ramp

This Handicapped Spot

This Watermelon

This Peephole

These Apartment Balconies

This Gate

This Handrail

This Coffee Mug

This Diet Water

This Fridge

This Door

This Drawer

This Bus Stop

This Golf Ball

These Stairs To Nowhere

This Book

This Pet Petter

This Chin Rest

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