Vintage Ads That Are Horribly Racist

Advertisers pandering to society’s ignorance is nothing new. And these vintage ads are like a time-capsule in the way that they perfectly encapsulate everything that was wrong with ’s racist . As you’ll see here, the horrible racist stereotypes and caricatures in these advertisements and vintage posters still haunt with their harmful portrayals of pretty much every ethnic group.
These horribly racist ads will make you cry, scream with , and probably have you throwing across the room. What’s remarkable is the way they use racial caricatures, , and stereotypes to stir the (racist) pot of fear and hatred while selling totally innocuous products. Want some racism with your cornflakes? Kelloggs has you covered! How about some black-face minstrelsy with your cigar? You have your pick!
While it seems only appropriate to mock these horribly racist ads, sarcasm doesn’t take away from the fact that these are a and accurate (albeit horrifying) fact of the US’s racist past. This is advertising and advertisement at its very worst, but it’s also a frightening reminder of just how far we’ve come. Check out these racist and horrible adverts to witness a melting pot of racist stereotypes, and be sure to vote up the most horribly racist ads in the bunch.

Your Heart Is White?! Dear Lord, Somebody Call a !

They Don’t Call it White-Washing for Nothing…

Golly, Mis’ Maria, You’re in a Racist Ad

Little Children in Blackface: How Adorable?

Giving Racist Baby Some Serious Stink Eye

Rastus Is Sho’ Not Winning Any NAACP Image Awards…

4 Out of 5 Racists Need to Feel Superior in This Ad

I’se Sure Horrified to See This Racist Ad!

It’s Fine, Dandruff Is Worse Than Scalping Anyway, Right?!

No, There’s Nothing at All Offensive About This Buck-Toothed Asian Caricature

This Ad Needs to Take a Siesta (and Never Wake Up)

It’s a (Racist) Wild Good Chase!

Minstrelsy Rearing Its Ugly Head…

Jell-O, Putting the Jiggle Back in Racism


Oh, Yes, the Poor White Man’s Burden

Mhm, Good Ole’ Tobaccy and Possum, Says the Racist Ad

Wha’ Is You Sayin’, Racist Ad?

No? Seeing This Ad Can Make a Person So Infuriated They Might Go Cross-Eyed!

The Black Children Are a Pun on Her Boots? ?

Yassuh, It’s Genu-Wine Racism!

Lighten Your Skin to Bring Out Your Inner Racist

What Is Even Happening Here?

Look in the Sky! It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s… Sambo Flying a Plane?!

It’s Not Every Day That You See Pantless Racist Stereotypes of Native Americans

Did You Ever See a More Racist Ad?

Being Reduced to an Ethnic Stereotype Would Make Anyone Plucky

Aunt Jemima Strikes Again! Quick, Hide Your Chillun!

This Ad Is Racist Like a Boss!

Confucius Say, OMG! This Is So Racist!

Yes Ma’am! The Racist Ghost of Aunt Jemima Still Haunts Many a Kitchen…

Ah, Yes, it Takes Great Courage to Wield a Gun…

Ariba Ariba! This Ad Is More Racist Than Speedy Gonzales

Mmmm, So Refreshingly Racist

That Is One Racist Giant Bottle of Rum!

Is Racist? You Don’t Say!

Because He Loves Carrying Your Sh*t and Driving Your Car, White Folks

You Don’t Have to Be Jewish… to Find This Ad Offensive

Yum Yum, Racism Is Delicious!

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