The Absolute Funniest Animal Puns

It’s time for the greatest form of pun-ishment the has ever seen. These are animal so , they’d koalafy for Internet joke of the year if such a thing existed. Stop lion around and dive head first into this epic collection of animal puns and wordplay . Show the Internet you give a flying fox and bear witness to the greatest collection of animal puns ever assembled. 
Oh for Fox Sake
Slippery Slope
Just Grin and Bear It
That Was Ruff
Otter This World
She Ain’t Lion
Is Your Mouse Working
Seal of Approval
Cougar Please
So I’ve Been Toad
Alpaca Punch
Top Koality Pun
You Goat to Be Kidding Me
Junk in the Trunk
Rated Arrgh!
Feeling Sheepish?
How to Get Ostrich-sized
Panda Watch
I Goat Five on It
Stop It Right Meow
Ibex You Didn’t See That Coming
Fox Off
Take You to the Otter Side
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