80 Celebrities with Learning Disabilities

This list contains information about celebrities who have learning disabilities, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. Many famous actors, musicians, and game-changing businessmen have learning disabilities. Some of these celebrities have dyslexia while others suffer from ADHD. Two of the most brilliant computer scientists of all time overcame learning disabilities.
Who is the most famous person who has a learning disability? tops our list. This triple threat has ADHD and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Jim Carrey has received treatment for ADHD since he was a child. Adam Levine was diagnosed with ADHD. He says, “My doctor diagnosed me with ADHD in my early teens. What was really helpful to me was learning that this was a real medical condition – I had ADHD. The diagnosis helped explain the challenges I was having in school, including my difficulty focusing, sitting down and getting my school work done.”

Justin Timberlake has ADHD and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
Who would think that , famous for playing regal women in period pieces, would have dyslexia?
Anyone who has ever seen in an interview can tell you that the Good Will Hunting Oscar winner suffered from ADHD. He was also bipolar and suffered from depression.
Tom Cruise struggled in school due to his dyslexia. Cruise is now one with the biggest stars in the world, thanks to his roles in blockbusters like Mission ImpossibleTop Gun, and Minority Report.
Harry Potter star Emma Watson was diagnosed with ADHD as a child.
struggled in school, thanks to his dyslexia. The Apple founder even dropped out due to his frustrations.
TV and radio personality Glenn Beck describes his learning disability as being “riddled with ADHD” and talks about the condition on his radio show.
Steven Spielberg felt isolated in school because of his struggle with dyslexia. The legendary director even dropped out of college.
Everyone’s favorite quirky girl revealed on her blog “Hello Giggles” that she has ADHD.
Alyssa Milano knew that she had dyslexia ever since she was in elementary school.
Bill Gates suffered from ADHD, but he has triumphed over the disorder to become one of the most successful businessmen on the planet.
Anthony Hopkins credits his dyslexia for making him interested in acting.
, best known for her work on “Desperate Housewives,” has ADHD.
Jay Leno struggled with his dyslexia during school, but he didn’t let it stop his rise to the top of late night talk shows.
Jim Carrey has received treatment for ADHD since he was a child.
Joan Rivers has had several thriving careers despite having ADHD. Rivers has had great success in stand-up, with her jewelry line, and as a talk show host.
John Lennon’s biographers believe that he was a dyslexic because he struggled with spelling and memorization in school. He is also believed to have had ADHD based on the way he conducted himself in interviews.
admitted that she has ADHD and takes medication for the disorder in an interview with Larry King.

Henry Winkler

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Henry Winkler has dyslexia and a mild form of ADHD. He says, “It is not easy to compete when you have LD, but it is possible.”
Adam Levine was diagnosed with ADHD. He says, “My doctor diagnosed me with ADHD in my early teens. What was really helpful to me was learning that this was a real medical condition – I had ADHD. The diagnosis helped explain the challenges I was having in school, including my difficulty focusing, sitting down and getting my school work done.”
Albert Einstein showed tell-tale traits that lead experts to believe that he was dyslexic and suffered from ADHD.
was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and was prescribed Ridalin to treat the disorder.
Orlando Bloom credits his dyslexia for making him a more creative person.
Aerosmith musician has ADHD.
Cher says that her dyslexia forces her to read her scripts slowly, but it does not prevent her from learning her lines. She is also said to have ADHD.
Bill Cosby has suffered from ADHD for many years, and the disorder caused him to have a tough time in school.
Keanu Reeves struggled in school, especially with reading due to his dyslexia, and he dropped out before finishing high school.
Vince Vaughn had ADHD and other learning disorders growing up, but the star doesn’t think that medication is the answer. In an interview, Vaughn states, “You’re sort of just numbing that person so there is not a problem every day in school, but you’re not necessarily helping that person to attain information and learn things.”
Elvis Presley was thought to have displayed symptoms of ADHD.
Arguably the best basketball player of all-time, also has ADHD.
Liv Tyler takes time out to meditate to treat her ADHD.
Stevie Wonder refused to let ADHD slow down his musical aspirations.
Jack Nicholson is one of the best actors to ever hit the silver screen, and he struggles with ADHD.
Whoop Goldbeg says that she was labelled “dumb” in school. It wasn’t until she was an adult that she realized that she had dyslexia. She also has ADHD.
It is thought that Leonardo da Vinci was dyslexic because he wrote his notes backwards. Many historical accounts also note that he displayed many of the symptoms associated with ADHD.
Anderson Cooper struggled with dyslexia, but he credits his love of reading for helping him cope with the disorder.
has said of his dyslexia, “The only good thing about having dyslexia is that dyslexics are usually very creative people, or so I’ve been told. We think in unusual ways.” He also has ADHD.
As Danny Glover struggled with reading growing up, his school staff labeled him retarded. His dyslexia gave him the feeling that he was not worthy to learn, and that the people around him would not care of what would happen to his education. He also has ADHD.

Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla is thought to have had dyslexia because he described himself as not seeing things properly saying, “In my boyhood I suffered from a peculiar affliction due to the appearance of images.”
Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyspraxia.
Galileo Galilei was thought to have dyslexia and ADHD.
As a teen, Cassius Clay struggled with high school. “Many of my teachers labeled me dumb,” he said. “I could barely read my textbooks.” He was later found to be dyslexic.
Patrick Dempsey says that he thinks his dyslexia made him who he is today.
Jamie Oliver finished reading his first book at the age of 38. The famous chef said that dyslexia prevented him from ever wanting to before.
He also had ADHD as a child. He says that healthy eating habits help him keep it under control as an adult.
President Woodrow Wilson did not learn to read until he was about 12 years old. He had difficulty reading due to dyslexia and ADD, but as a teenager, he taught himself shorthand and was able to excel academically through determination and self-discipline.
Tim Tebow has dyslexia. He says, “You can be extremely bright and still have dyslexia. You just have to understand how you learn and how you process information. When you know that, you can overcome a lot of the obstacles that come with dyslexia.”
Filmmaker Guy Ritchie was born with severe dyslexia.
Growing up, Lara Flynn Boyle suffered from dyslexia and other learning disabilities.
Oasis band member Noel Galagher grew up dyslexic. He says, “What I was bad at was spelling. Still am. Anything over six letters and that’s me gone.”
“The looks, the stares, the giggles… I wanted to show everybody that I could do better and also that I could read,” said Magic Johnson about growing up with dyslexia. He was also diagnosed with ADHD.
Pablo Picasso was thought to be a dyslexic because of the abstract way that he viewed the world.
When Chaz Bono was diagnosed with dyslexia, it was the first time that his mother, Cher, also realized that she had the disorder.
Singer Joss Stone has dyslexia. She says, “I forgot a lot of stuff. I’m not stupid, but I am dyslexic. I don’t remember the words to my own songs!”
Due to problems with dyslexia, Harry Belafonte dropped out of high school at the age of 17 and joined the US Navy. He also has ADHD.
Olympic diver Greg Louganis grew up struggling with ADHD and dyslexia.
General Patton did not begin his formal education until age 11, most likely due to dyslexia.
Bruce Jenner has dyslexia and ADHD. He says, “If I wasn’t dyslexic, I probably wouldn’t have won the Games. If I had been a better reader, then that would have come easily, sports would have come easily… and I never would have realized that the way you get ahead in life is hard work.”

Richard Branson

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Richard Branson has dyslexia and ADHD. He says, “I was dyslexic, I had no understanding of schoolwork whatsoever. I certainly would have failed IQ tests. And it was one of the reasons I left school when I was 15 years old. And if I – if I’m not interested in something, I don’t grasp it.”
Mika says that dyslexia made him struggle to learn music notes.
Jules Verne didn’t let dyslexia stop him from writing successful novels like Journey to the Center of the Earth. Research also suggests that he displayed the symptoms of ADHD.
The Rockefeller family has a history of school-induced dyslexia.
Alexander Graham Bell suffered from dyslexia and other learning disabilities growing up.
Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad is so dyslexic that he gives all of his products names, rather than numeric codes, because they are easier for him to remember.
Diamond Dallas Page admitted in his autobiography that he was dyslexic.
Jerry Hall is dyslexic. She says, “I’m dyslexic and so are four of my children. It can be very difficult in the beginning but then you learn to cope with it.”
Pete Conrad overcame dyslexia to become one of the most well-traveled astronauts in the history of NASA.
Neil Smith doesn’t let his dyslexia hold him back from doing what he loves, playing football.
Superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold struggled with dyslexia growing up.
Rex Ryan struggled with dyslexia in school. He says, “I was embarrassed. How come I was struggling? I’d get a spelling test and it was ridiculous. I couldn’t even get in the ballpark. So that was really frustrating.”
Dyslexia prevented Mark Schlereth from being able to read until he was in middle school.
Bryan Singer didn’t let his dyslexia hold him back from making feature films such as X-Men and The Usual Suspects.
Frank Gore overcame his dyslexia and now plays football in the NFL.
Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir was a severe dyslexic growing up, and he was kicked out of school for poor performance.
Oscar-winning director Robert Benton has dyslexia. He says, “I was dyslexic before anybody knew what dyslexia was. I was called ‘slow.’ It’s an awful feeling to think of yourself as ‘slow’ – it’s horrible.”
Erin Brockovich has dyslexia. She says, “Life is full of challenges. How you handle these challenges is what builds character. Never be afraid to be who you are.”
Butch Walker struggled with undiagnosed dyslexia growing up.
Charles Schwab didn’t let dyslexia stop him from creating one of the largest brookerage firms in the world.
Jeremy Bonderman was diagnosed with dyslexia in 1995.
Paul Frappier struggled in school due to his dyslexia, but he soon found music as source of solace.
In school, a combination of dyslexia and deafness led to Thomas Edison having difficulty with words and speech.