The Greatest Leaked Nude Celebrity Photos of All Time

The best nude pictures of celebrities, much like some of the best in all of life, happen by accident. So, in honor of recently released (leaked) nude celebrity photos, here’s a comprehensive list of the best nude celebrity picture leaks of all time. Thank the good lord for smarter, more powerful, internet perverts.
Some of your favorite starlets, for better or worse, appear on this list. You’ll see some of the of all time, the hottest actresses of all time and  and the hottest actresses under 30. The people you aren’t likely to see on here are the actresses who you will never see naked on film. But you will see a number of familiar , so take a look.

Jennifer Lawrence

On August 31, 2014, nude pics of Oscar winner and America’s sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence were leaked online at after TMZ reportedly offered six figures to own the image. The ’s publicist is calling it a flagrant violation of privacy resulting from a hack of Lawrence’s cell phone. The Jennifer Lawrence nude were part of a major cloud breach that allowed dozens of celebrities to be hacked.
(See the leaked photo from 4chan)
Does J-Law have what it takes to keep up with these celebs’ photos?
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Kate Upton

Model and actress Kate Upton was among the dozens of celebrities whose private photos were leaked in a massive icloud breach on August 31st, 2014. Mude photos of Kate Upton – as well as her posing with boyfriend Justin Verlander – found their way to the internet via

Justin Verlander

Nude pictures of Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander – as well as nude pictures of girlfriend Kate Upton – were leaked online as part of a massive online leak of celebrity nude photos. The images show the 6-time All-Star and his model girlfriend taking selfies in the buff. The uncensored photos look as if one or both of them did SOMETHING to deserve a spanking…

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Date Leaked: September 2012
Kate Middleton, the Dutchess of Cambridge, one of the most famous people in the world, is now on this list. Her wedding was international news. She’s one of the most beautiful women in the world.
The Story:
The beautiful Duchess was on vaction in France with her husband Prince William, when some paparazzi caught her at their private house sunbathing topless. The photos were featured on the front page of the French gossip magazine “Closer”.

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Alison Pill

Date Leaked: September 2012
Alison Pill, known for her roles in “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” and HBO’s “The Newsroom”, is the latest sexy starlette to “accidently” leak a nude photo of herself on Twitter. It seems like instead of sending a text, Pill got mixed up and tweeted out the topless photo of her to all 13K of her followers. She instantly removed it, but not before it was saved for all of us to enjoy.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson is incredibly hot.
Needless to say, everyone wanted this and it was not disappointing.
Date Leaked: September 14, 2011
The latest in the long illustrious line of celebrities getting their phones hacked and spilling the loveliness into the world. These two photos have pretty much broken the internet. There are fights raging if they are fake or not, but the question should be asked, if they are fake why would she go to the FBI?
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Ashley Greene

Date Leaked: August 2009
Hot on the heels of her success in Twilight, Ashley Greene was quick to fall into the other Hollywood Starlette mold: Leaked personal photos.
Once again, they got on this really quick and due to legal purposes, these had to be taken down from most notable websites.
So, once again, here’s the Google search for the term, since we’re all browsing with one hand anyway.

Kat Dennings

Date Leaked: 2010
Kat Dennings has been an up and comer on most guys’ radar for a long time. Around November of 2010 a lot of prayers were answered when a steamy set of photos were set loose on the internet.
There is some debate on whether or not these were released by a vengeful ex-boyfriend or some hacker. All we know is that there is someone out there that deserves a standing ovation. [Insert erection joke.]
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Christina Hendricks

Date Leaked: March 2012
One of the hottest redheads on TV, Christina Hendricks has been the object of lust since her small role on “Firefly” as the hooker with the heart of gold. Now known for her role as Joan on “Mad Men”, Hendricks shows that even the 60’s had their share of sexy.
She has gone on record many times stating that she would never get naked on film, much to the world’s disdain, but it looks like our prayers have been answered thanks to an intrepid hacker.
Though she is denying that the full nudes are her, like any good actress would, but is failing miserably because they are totally her and here they are and you can click on them now..
See the leaked photos here.
Check out the The 20 Hottest Photos of Christina Hendricks.
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Heather Elizabeth Morris

Date Leaked: March 11, 2012
Heather Morris stars as Brittney, the dumb funny cheerleader on GLEE. Several cellphone photos were leaked yesterday showing Heather in various stages of undress. Some look to be wardrobe testing but most are Heather bent over naked.
Heather is one of the few celebs not denying that these are in fact her nude photos, probably because her face is in full view in most of the shots.
Click here to read more.
Date Leaked: Multiple Times
Vanessa could be said to be worse than Miley at keeping private photos private, as Miley has never had multiple nudes come out.
(Unfortunately, any site worth its salt has been sued by Hudgens for keeping her pictures up, SO, let’s justGoogle it.

Olivia Munn

Date Leaked: March 2012
Olivia Munn, Actress and Host, has been on record as saying that you will never see her naked on film. Seems like that doesn’t stop her from filming herself on her phone.
These photos were supposedly made for her then boyfriend Chris “Capt Kirk” Pine.

Renee Olstead

Blake Lively

Date Leaked: May 2010
Though it is debated on if these are fakes or not, it still must be said they are very nice.

Demi Lovato

Date Leaked: December 2010
One of the many “Mouse House” on this list, Demi is best known as Sonny from “Sonny With a Chance”. The actress/singer’s phone was apparently hacked and a few s**tty and suggestive photos were sent out into the world.
Click here for the hot photo.

Jessica Alba

Date Leaked: November 2010
Alba has been quoted as saying that she will never do a nude scene in film. That didn’t stop her from making her own for a boyfriend.
She also tapped the FBI to try and find the source of the leak.
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Date Leaked: Multiple Times
Probably the person with the single most “leaked” photos on this list, someone should really teach Miley how to up the security on her phone. Besides the multiple sexy photos, there is one nude that is supposed to be her as well, though it was later proved fake.
Update: 4/9/12 – It seems like Miley has an issue keeping her clothes on in public. She has been caught with an upskirt and no panties of the weekend. Miley Cyrus’ underwear free pics can be seen here. (Caution:EXTREMELY NSFW)


Date Leaked: About once a year since the beginning of time.
It seems like Rihanna camera phone pictures have been leaking since the dawn of the internet.
The most famous set of hot (and fully naked, NSFW Rihanna pics) can be found here (SFW landing page).

Hayley Williams

Date Leaked: May 2010
Lead singer of Paramore, Hayley Williams is one of the cuter pop-punks out there. In May last year, a hacker was able to get into her Twitter account and give us a personal photo of the singer.
Click here for the Hayley Williams story and pictures (SFW landing page).
Date Leaked: Multiple Times
Paris should be considered the originator of the “leaked” photo. She has had multiple photos and videos released over the years. One can’t type the words “leaked celeb photo” without having pages of Paris returned.
Buzzfeed has the Paris Hilton leaked nudes (along with the annotated versions of a lot of other leaked nudes, but they forgot some good ones, and left in some that will have you washing your eyes out with soap).

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Date “Leaked”: October 2011
Site has been notorious for posting supposedly real nude photos of celebrities, many of which later turned out to be fake. So consider this just a rumor for now. But supposedly, the site has now discovered a topless photo of country/pop superstar Taylor Swift. The photo does look a bit like Taylor, though her camp vehemently denies its veracity, and has threatened to sue CelebJihad for trademark infringement.
Date Leaked: Dec 2010
The photos that were leaked by a hacker from her personal phone were from a text exchange between herself and her stylist.

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