20 People Who Pranked Their Neighbors In Epic Ways

“Love they neighbor” is lovely in theory, but not so much in practice. A horrible neighbor is the equivalent of being in a bad , except you can’t break up with them unless you want to move. They live right next to you, and there’s nothing you can do about it… until now.
Below you will find 25 incredible ways to prank your neighbors. Appropriate for both neighbors you despise and adore, these are the best pranks to play on neighbors that hopefully won’t lead to a fight or land you in jail. They’re good, old fashioned  pranks and  that any proper neighbor should respect.

Welcome To Jurassic Yard

Merry Krampus

You’ve Got Mail

Clever Girl

Freak Out Your Babysitter

Meet The Griswolds

Eye See What You Did There

Hey Neighbor!

Window Of Opportunity

Dude, Snow Way!

Through The Roof

What About Bob?

To The Moon

Rise And Shine And Sh*t Yourself

Eyes On The Prize

Bucket List

A Moment Of Paws

Sorry About Your Neighbor, Bro

Dorm Neighbors Are The Best Neighbors

Masking Agent

A Time For Change

Talk To The Hand

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