11 Most Shocking Celebrity Massage Scandals

A list of shocking celebrity scandals involving massages and masseuses. Celebrity , athletes, and politicians have long been known to indulge in luxuries like massage therapy, but sometimes, get a little out of hand. These headline news stories mark the times when famous people have been caught in scandals with their pants down – literally – in the hands of massage therapists or workers.
What celebrities have been accused of sexual harassment stemming from a massage incident? From actors to athletes to politicians, these are all the famous people who have been accused of seeking more than a rub down while getting a massage.

John Travolta Accused of Assault & Sexual Battery

In May 2012, a John Doe male masseur filed a suit that John Travolta – one of Hollywood’s most gossiped-about triple threats / Scientologists – tried to bed him after he was hired to do a massage. The suit for assault and sexual battery claims:
Travolta touched his scrotum and penis after having stripped in front of the masseur. … [Travolta] continued to pursue the idea of sex with the man and later suggested that they have sex with a “Hollywood starlet in the building that wanted to have three-way sex and to be double penetrated. … The star said he “got where he is now due to sexual favors he had performed when he was in his ‘Welcome Back, Kotter’ days.”Travolta’s team of Scientologist publicists called the allegations a complete fabrication.
But wait – this was only the beginning. Just 5 days later, another masseur piled on more accusations of assault, sexual battery, and also sexual harassment and infliction of emotional distress. This second plaintiff alleged that he was asked to do an in-room massage in an Atlanta hotel… and things got graphic:
John Doe No. 2 claims that Travolta had a “strange demeanor” and his eyes were bloodshot when he walked into the room, undressed and climbed on the table. The actor then, per the suit, pushed the sheet away, complaining that it was “sticky.”
The complaint states that Travolta then proceeded to ask the masseur to pay special attention to his buttocks during the rub-down. The plaintiff claims that Travolta had an erection and– I have to stop there. The rest of the report gets very NSFW. Read more saucy details here.
Travolta’s PR machine went into overdrive defending the singer-dancer. TMZ reportedly obtained evidence that Travolta was in New York, not Los Angeles, on the day that John Doe #1 said he grabbed his junk. The proof comes in the form of an undated kinda blurry could-be-anywhere photograph and an unsigned restaurant bill with a large tip on it.

What do you say: Is Travolta off the hook? Or where there’s smoke, there are flames? Is this the face of a guilty man?

In November 2017, another claim was filed against Travolta. A male massage therapist said the actor had exposed himself to him and groped him in 2000.

Al Gore Called Sexual Predator, Lummox

After what should have been a routine massage session in October 2006, Molly Hagerty, a 54-year-old licensed practitioner in Portland, OR, came forward not once, but three times to say that former Vice-President Al Gore had sexually assaulted her. Not long after the release of his Oscar-winning documentary An Inconvenient Truth, Gore stopped in Hipster Centrale to deliver a speech on global warming. He stayed in the Hotel Lucia under a pseudonym and booked an in-room VIP massage through the hotel. Two months later, Hagerty filed a complaint that Gore made unwanted sexual advances. He denied the claims, and the plaintiff failed to show up for 3 interviews with detectives.
Two years after that, in January 2009, Hagerty came forward again and gave a super elaborate and detailed complaint (full transcript here). Choice excerpts:
…wrapped me in an inescapable embrace … and caressed my back and buttocks and breasts…He’d flung himself over like sandwich, and I had to use this whole part of me to pull the lower part. I was immediately saying, “Get off me, you big lummox!”
Police reopened the case, but without much evidence, dropped it again.
In July 2010, the masseuse made headlines a third time when she claimed to have DNA evidence on the black pants she was wearing during the episode. Tests were inconclusive.
That same month, The National Enquirer reported that two other massage therapists – in Beverly Hills and Tokyo – made similar accusations against Gore. I don’t know who to believe.

Brett Favre Sued for Sexual Harassment

Do you remember when Brett Favre fell from grace? It broke all of our hearts. First, in February 2010, former Florida State Cowgirl / New York Jets in-house sideline reporter Jenn Sterger shared some flirty text and pic messages she received from quarterback Brett Favre. Here was Favre’s naked dong, and here was Favre masturbating in Crocs, and here was Favre holding his pecker while wearing the wristwatch he sported at the press conference when he announced his retirement…

While the public was still reeling, in October of 2010, two Jets massage therapists came forward with their own unwanted and inappropriate they had received from Favre. The man got around! What can he say? Chicks dig quarterbacks. If you’ve ever wondered how to delicately proposition two ladies for a threesome, take a cue from Favre’s bold texts (cited in the lawsuit):
Brett here you and crissy want to get together im all alone.Kinda lonely tonight I guess I have bad intentions.Favre eventually admitted to sending voicemails – but not dick – to Jenn Sterger, and he was fined $50,000 for failing to cooperate with the investigation.

Todd Palin Linked to THAT Kind of Massage Place

It’s hardly a surprise when a politician is said to have taken part in illegal or illicit behavior, but it can be fun when the accused is the politician’s spouse. In March 2010, Shailey Tripp, a massage therapist in Wasilla, AK (just east of Russia) was arrested and charged with having a “house of prostitution.” An anonymous email to The National Enquirer about the incident claimed that the reason she was arrested because she was having a noisy affair with Todd Palin, husband of Sarah:
According to the tenants in the building of her offices, they saw Todd come and go often and heard noises that sounded like someone was having sex.The Anchorage Police Department said they seized evidence about the case… and they also said none of it implicated Palin. They reportedly destroy a cell phone and a laptop anyway.When you’re married to this who could blame him?

Andrew Photographed with Underaged Prostitute

There are a few famous quotes about the company we keep, probably originally said by Marilyn Monroe or Albert Einstein, who said most clever things. The thrust of each is that you should spend your time with good people.
British Prince Andrew has been buddies with American billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein since at least 2000. In 2008, Epstein pleaded guilty to a charge of soliciting a prostitute (though at least 40 girls have come forward with stories of sexual assault while they were massaging him). He served 13 months in prison for the offense.
In December 2010, a photo captured Prince Andrew strolling with Epstein through Central Park. An earlier photo shows the Queen’s second son in Epstein’s Florida home with his arm around the waist of 17 year-old Virginia Roberts – one of the girls who claimed to be hired as an erotic masseuse and abused by Epstein. In September 2009, household handyman testified that he set up massage tables for Andrew on a daily basisduring an extended stay at the mansion about 10 years prior. It just didn’t look good, is all I’m saying.

Rev. Ted Haggard Paid for Meth and Gay Sex

In November 2006, Denver escort and masseur Mike Jones claimed that had been paying gay-hating evangelical Pastor Ted Haggard for sex for three years – and also that the fire-and-brimstone reverend had bought crystal meth from him. In an interview, Haggard admitted that he had bought the drugs, but denied having sex with Jones. He also said he never did the meth: “I was tempted, but I never used it.” Yeah, right – and I never inhaled.

When the allegations were made public, Haggard – a married father of five who also wanted to ban same-sex marriage – resigned as president of the 30-million strong National Association of Evangelicals. He was also removed from his post at the New Life Megachurch for having committed “sexually immoral conduct.” Although he sought treatment and was declared “completely heterosexual” by another minister, Haggard told GQ in February 2011:
…probably, if I were 21 in this society, I would identify myself as a .

Rep. Eric Massa Loses Tickle Fight

Like most grown men, New York congressman Eric Massa enjoyed the occasional asexual tickle battle with co-workers. A married father of two, Massa was investigated the House Ethics Committee in 2010 after a member of Massa’s staff filed a complaint. The file outlined Massa’s sexual advances and harassment of a younger male staff member. When he recounted the details to Glenn Beck, here is what they sounded like:
Now they’re saying I groped a male staffer. Yeah, I did… Not that I groped him; I tickled him until he couldn’t breathe, then four guys jumped on top of me. It was my 50th birthday. … It was kill the old guy. You can take anything out of context. Do what? Apparently, the congressman had long been known for his manly touching. A former Navy shipmate shared some old Gulf War stories:
“Stuart’s at the edge of the bed,” Clarke says Borsch told him at the time, “and [Massa] starts massaging him. Massa said, ‘You’ll have to get one of my special massages.’ He called them ‘Massa Massages.’”…Tom and Massa shared a stateroom together. Massa climbed up on the top of his bunk, which is hard to do – you never crawl up on somebody else’s bunk. He wakes up to Massa undoing his pants trying to snorkel him.

Sen. Chuck Robb Admits to Alone-Time with Nude Masseuse

Virginia Senator Chuck Robb admitted that once – and only once – in 1988, he had been alone in a hotel room with 1983 Miss Virginia Tai Collins. The two had had a little champagne, and then Collins gave Robb a nude massage. It was no big deal. After all, what’s a chaste drunk naked rub-down between friends?
In October 1991, Collins appeared on the cover of Playboy to tell the rest of the story. Turns out she had carried on a full sexual affair with Robb (who had been governor of Virginia at the time) for at least 18 months.
Nobody cared. Robb won reelection in 1994, and is still married to married to wife Lynda Bird Johnson, of Lyndon & Lady.

Jack Layton Found Naked in Asian Massage Parlour

During the campaign for the Canadian federal election in 2011, NDP candidate Jack Layton became the target of a political attack. A retired police officer reportedly told newspapers that in 1996, Layton had been discovered naked in a “massage parlour” in the Chinatown section of Toronto. At the time, Layton was the Metro councillor, and the police were working on “Project Cobra,” looking to bust “bawdy houses” of underage Thai prostitutes. The setup was so impressive that the informant detailed it, and I am going to repeat it for you now, because I am also impressed:
The guy who ran the place controlled traffic with a red and green light system from the second floor where he could see down a stairway to the street.The setup was … When the police showed up, the manager flicked on the red light switch — which told the girls to pretend it was a legitimate business — rubs only, keep it clean — and the green light meant they could perform sexual services.
They’ve thought of everything. More NSFW details here.Layton denied wrongdoing, saying hey, he was just there for a massage. He never returned to the scene of the raid.

Kevin Costner Caught Red-Handed During Honeymoon

In October 2004, a spa worker at the posh Old Course Hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland, was called in to massage Kevin Costner, who was in town playing the Dunhill links pro-celebrity golf championship. He was also on his honeymoon with brand new wife Christine Baumgartner. The unnamed masseuse later claimed that the Tin Cup actor removed his towel in front of her, exposed his no-no, and started masturbating in front of her. When she complained of harassment, the hotel bosses fired her – so she sued them. The case was settled with an employment tribunal.
The issue of Costner’s indecent exposure went unresolved. The plaintiff told the tribunal:
Kevin Costner abused me and I considered that a criminal act.
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