Strip Club Employees Describe How Dirty They Really Are

Generally speaking, most don’t visit strip clubs to have good, clean fun. But even with that being the case, it’s nice to visit an establishment that doesn’t feel like a bio-hazard. With focus on the onstage, hygiene and cleanliness are often thrown to the wayside, leaving customers feeling , in more than one way. What is it really like in a VIP room? Do people really do it there? Does anyone clean those places?
Strip club workers on Reddit shared some of the most repulsive hygiene practices they’ve witnessed in their career. From sordid surfaces, to very dirty money, you’re gonna need some time to wash your hands after reading these.

Toilets are coated with cocaine

“The tops of the toilet tanks often have powdery residue on them. Obviously from dancers/patrons (male or female) doing lines of coke. Some bar managers used to spray the toilet tops with Pam or wipe them with oil… was good for a laugh.”
Employees pee in sinks rather than toilets
” The first club that I worked in had roughly 10 girls that were brought to work from a different country. They would get up onto the counters and urinate into the sinks. We never knew why. Obviously, that was more so in the staff/dancer bathrooms, not the ones intended for public. Regardless, it was disgusting to think that we staff were to wash our hands there and then handle drinks.”

Cash has been everywhere

Don’t put your money where your mouth is… We washed our hands often and had sanitizing liquid at our bar and stations to cleanse our hands that had touched money that had come into contact with vaginas or mouths. I was always shocked at how many customers were willing to put money into their mouth and lay back on the stage to have it snatched off by a dancer’s labia while she was doing the splits.”

Couches are just giant sponges for bodily fluids

” The couches in the private areas are scary. As staff, we never sat on them. Customers are known to be messy and yes, there are likely to be bodily fluids being exchanged or ‘wiped’ on the couches. Many men would go into the bathroom prior to getting a lap dance and put on a condom inside of their pants so that if they (you know) it would be less messy for cleanup. That certainly isn’t to say that we didn’t find our share of discarded condoms on the floor near the couches after hours. Full contact is actually illegal here, but it was never a surprise to see a girl, naked, grinding away on a customer’s lap.”

Customers litter wherever they want

” Anything that looks like it can be used as a trashcan has been. “

Blacklights serve a dual purpose

” The black lights are for fluid detection so that employees can track down stains for spot cleaning, but they also have a way of obscuring skin imperfections and blurring some ethnic lines that may turn some men off.”

Mirrors are cleaned often so security can clearly case the club

Mirrors must be clean around the club for two reasons. First off it allows men to look without being pervy and second and most importantly for security. club managers/DJ’s security need to keep an eye on .”

The bartender’s hands are only as clean as the cash

“Those bartender’s hands aren’t that clean when they’ve been handling and exchanging stripper money then throwing the limes into your glass.”

Stage floors aren’t cleaned often

” I’m a stripper and at my last club I was a stripper/bartender so I knew the whole rundown of the place. We were an about 40 girl club with three stages. The poles were cleaned by every girl for every set but the floors, which we do roll around and do floor work on, are cleaned twice a week. Friday and Saturday. Then we get all those nasty floor germs all up on your lap.”

Carpet holds on to any liquid

” It’s dirty. The staff does the best they can, and we have a cleaning crew every night, but carpet and clubsare always a dicey mix. Dirty feet, spilled drinks, vomit, plus other unsavory fluids are hard to get out of carpet permanently.”

Staff only cleans what they use

“The cleanliness is sub par, and always geared towards the staff benefit. Staff doesn’t care if the tables and chairs are actually clean, we don’t use those. We often wipe those down with the same dirty rag all night. Glassware is another thing that can get slightly overlooked. Usually glasses are pushed through a dishwasher that hasn’t been properly maintained and then stacked together and touched by two to four different people before it gets to you. This is why I recommend using straws.”
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If you're willing to touch something on the floor, you can keep it
I used to be a cocktail waitress at a club for about eight months. The place was dirty as hell. But when you do clean up you can usually find money! Just on the floor or by the couches. (I never touched the cushions) I found money all over the place. Even a hundred once. And a giant bag of pot!”

The is never fresh

” I was a bartender for about three months, which meant I was also the cook. Usually no one ordered food except the dancers, and they would usually just get fries (in the three months that I was there I never once changed the oil nor did I cover the fryer at night). One night, a guy ordered a burger. When I went to get a burger patty out of the freezer I saw the expiration date, which was 1998. I was working there in 2004. I asked the owner and he said to just use them.”

The bathroom floors are only cleaned out of necessity

” I never once saw anyone clean the floors or bathrooms. Except for one time when a guy projectile vomited on the floor and it was mopped up with dirty water. No sanitizer.”

Dancers dance even if they’ve got active STIs

“One dancer asked the owner if she could say no to full [naked] that week because she had a herpes outbreak (which the owner had given her). He said no, so she was naked, with herpes sores, grinding on guys. The sofas and chairs in the lap dance room were definitely never wiped down and they were definitely covered in disease & bodily fluids of all kinds.”
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Whatever covers the floor causes rashes

” I used to be a dancer. I couldn’t let any party of my body but my shoes touch the stage or I would get these immediate, disgusting breakouts and have to wipe the area clean with straight rubbing alcohol.”

The dancers trash the bathrooms

I worked as bar staff at a club in Toronto for about four months. For all those who think working [there] would be awesome… it isn’t. The girls I worked with had no sense of cleanliness. Toilet paper (some of it used) and tampons (used) were all over the bathroom. Everywhere but the actual toilet. Condoms, not so much, they were smart enough to hide them afterwards but the odd one would still turn up behind the seats in the booths.”

Even dry bars have drug problems

I temporarily worked as a security guy at a [bare it all club] that didn’t serve alcohol. It’s shut down now, but in it’s prime you could find meth pipes hidden everywhere. The owner’s name was Jerry, and he had a hot tub room with a floating cocaine pillow.”