Things You Didn't Know About Broad City

This list is filled with all of the delightful Broad City facts and trivia you’ll need to qualify as a super fan, much to the dismay of Questlove. You’ll understand all about the making of Broad City, like why Ilana is fine with showing off her body but seizes up before her love scenes. No offense, Hannibal Buress. Through this Broad City trivia, you’ll so discover the origin of Bevers, what’s up with the Bed, Bath & Beyond obsession, and why Abbi might throw a party for a hamburger.  
Amaze your friends, confound your enemies, and win beer at your local pub on trivia night by memorizing these Broad City fun facts. What does Lincoln call the remnants of snack foods he eats off of Ilana’s boobs? If you guessed “t*tty chips,” you win. What is the name of Lincoln’s pasta blog? If you guessed the Al Dente Dentist, you’re on fire!  
Which of these Broad City fun facts pleases your inner bad ass bitch the most? Do these Broad City facts make you call out “Yas, queen”? Upvote your faves and talk about them in your best Drew Barrymore voice.

Val’s Speakeasy Exists
When Abbi gets black-out drunk, she sometimes morphs into her alter-ego, a jazzy cabaret singer named Val who speaks like she’s in the roaring ‘20s. Val takes Ilana to a speakeasy were everyone knows her and loves her. She takes the stage and wows the crowd, flirts with the regulars, and then eats a diamond nose ring.
The spot, The Backroom, is in Manhattan and Robert Plant has played there, although probably not black out drunk and wearing fishnets.  
Abbi Actually Carried Ilana Out of the Restaurant in the Allergy Scene
Even though they had a stunt woman on standby to do the bit, Abbi managed to carry Ilana out of the restaurant in one long, continuous shot. No one thought she could do it so a big cheer erupted when they called “cut!’  
Bevers Is and She’s a Girl
Abbi’s best friend is Jessica Bevers. They have known each other since they were six. She and the original Bevers lived together when Abbi first moved to New York. Real Bevers loves the freeloading, house-bound Bevers character played by the hilarious John Gemberling. “She just loovvveeees that I did that,” Jacobson said. 
Hannibal Buress Joined the Show Because He Was Broke and Needed a Job
And there ain’t nothing wrong with that. “First of all, I was very poor before the show started, so the opportunity to not be poor was the initial draw for me,” Buress told Refinery 29. He had wrapped up his writing gigs at 30 Rock and Saturday Night Live and rent was coming due. But once he read the script, he was in. Plus, like Glazer and Jacobson, Buress gets to play a version of himself.  
Abbi Witnessed a Stab Herself with an EpiPen
This one time at kids camp… Abbi worked as a counselor and they were watching a demonstration on how to treat allergies with the EpiPen. A pediatrician, one of the camp owners, accidentally stabbed herself in the hand, thus inspiring Jacobson to create a now infamous scene with her as the incredible Hulk, raging on EpiPen juice.  
Ilana Was in an Anti-Drug Group in High School
Stoner Ilana would find it hilarious that real-life Ilana used to be in an anti-drug group in high school. She’d probably smoke to that.  
Bingo Bronson Is Now a Comedy Central Trademarked Toy
At first, Bingo Bronso only appeared in Abbi’s drug-induced trip to Whole Foods, but now Bingo can be found on T-shirts, mugs, and pint glasses. He also has a pretty sassy Twitter account.  
42 Squirts Was Actually 16 Handles
Since 42 Squirts doesn’t exist and is a terrible name for a fro-yo place, Broad City shot in an actual 16 Handles in Williamsburg.  
Abbi Has Never Had a Hamburger
Jacobson is a vegetarian but she does plan to eat a hamburger one day and make an event out of it. ”I think it’s a fun thing to throw a party and do,” Jacobson said. “I don’t think I want to eat hamburgers, but just the one. A good grassy burger.”
They Pestered the Gowanus Whole Foods on So They Could Shoot There
As executive producers, Glazer and Jacobson have to make sure that things get done. When their location manager couldn’t lock down the Gowanus Whole Foods, Abbi and Ilana Tweeted “Let us shoot there,” repeatedly until the store caved.
Ilana’s High School Friend, a Ron Swanson Type, Was into Pegging
When Abbi finally gets together with her crush and neighbor Jeremy, she discovers that he’s into “pegging,” a reverse role in which a woman “pegs” the man from behind with a strap-on. Ilana’s high school pal was a feminist and totally into pegging with his girlfriend. The episode was quite popular and opened up the discussion about pegging (and when you should put your strap-on in the dishwasher).
Lincoln’s Pasta Blog Actually Exists
The Al Dente Dentist has , pet care, leftovers advice, and meatballs for ratings instead of stars. It’s the best. The best.
Abbi Likes a Good Make-Out Scene
Abbi is all about the make-out. She was psyched to get it on with Seth Rogen during the heatwave scenes in season two. “I was like, ‘All right, I’m going to be kissing Seth Rogen all night! This is so crazy!’”
The Show Almost Didn’t Happen Because an Exec Didn’t Get It
Jacobson and Glazer write the show from the point of view that these two platonic friends are in a serious relationship. It’s really a love story.  A “friend romance” as Glazer explains it. But one TV exec was confused. “I don’t get why we’d watch this. Are they going to get married?’”
Questlove Was Annoyed That He Had to Share the Show with Everyone Else
Questlove was an early fan of their web show and didn’t want anyone else to know about Broad City. “Initially I felt like, ‘ah man, my little secret’s going to be exposed!
Abbi and Ilana Almost Had Different Names
When Broad City was originally developed at FX, Jacobson and Glazer had different names on the show. “For a teeny little bit, [when] we wrote the script with FX first, and we had different names: Carly and Evelyn. Which just seems so very wrong now.”
And the show was nearly called T*tstown. True story.
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Their Moms Text Each Other All the Time
“They’re like, did you see this. They’re so open minded,” Glazer told the live audience at 92Y. From pegging to poop ninja maneuvers to using vaginas as hiding place for weed, their moms are fine with all of it. “They’re just, like, stoked,” said Ilana. “They’re not like, ‘That was weird, they’re just like [points ahead, pretending to be parents watching the show], ‘Ha, ha, ha!’ They’re just thrilled we’re on TV in the first place. They’re so accepting.
Bevers’s Girlfriend Was Inspired by Frasier
Since Abbi and Ilana are big Frasier fans, they made Bevers’s girlfriend constantly absent, just like Maris Crane (Niles’s wife) on Frasier. 
Abbi Has an Idea for an Account Featuring Her Small Mom Next to Big Things
Abbi has been taking pictures of her small-framed mom next to large objects and is planning an Instagram account with the working title “Momin Big Chair.” The idea came about when Abbi’s mom started sending her pictures of her in big chairs. Then it became “mom with big shoe,” “mom with big vacuum cleaner.” 
“Her mom is, like, naturally a baby,” says Ilana. “She’s sensual and happy and sweet and, like, glowing, you know? There’s something about her where you never fully grew up. She always retained her inner child. She’s an person.”
There Really Are Microscopic Shrimp Inside You if You NYC Tap Water
In a scene, Ilana tells her mom about all of the things in NYC tap water, especially “copepods” or microscopic shrimp. “We have shrimp inside of us at all times, which I’m okay with, sounds delicious,” Ilana shrugs.
And she’s not wrong. If you’ve been drinking tap water in the city, you’ve got itty bitty shrimp inside you. They’re harmless but are you as cool as Ilana is about it?
They Love Diane Keaton (Woody Allen? Not So Much)
Abbi and Ilana tried to pester Diane Keaton, one of their comedy idols, into working with them. They wrote a scene for her and sent it off to her agents, then repeatedly Tweeted at her. Keaton contacted them though their manager. “She still didn’t want to do it, but she was like, ‘I love the show,’” Jacobson said. “It was so cool.” 
When comparing their comedy influences, they lean more toward Keaton than Woody Allen. “She’s so specific. I love that she kind of plays her range,” Jacobson says. “I don’t really watch Woody Allen anymore because he grosses me out, but I still like her part of it. I like that there’s something pure for me left there. And something left to learn,” Glazer said.
Abbi’s Earliest Comedy Stylings Were Inspired by Mike Myers’s Linda Richman on Coffee Talk
As student council president in the eighth grade, Jacobson would make school announcements using the voice of Linda from SNL’s “Coffee Talk.” That must have been like buttah.
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